The Edison Twins

1 Oct


Family series starring Corey Haim
Year: 1982-1986
Year in film: 1980s
Country: Canada
Who in bibs: Frankie ~9?, Tom ~16
Available on DVD: VHS (partly ?)
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ??
Rating:  5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: Matthew White (pic 1), maybe around 8 or 9 yo and also Andrew Sabiston (pic 2) in blue bibs. Latter one with rips and patches.

And yet another suggestion from db1. Thanks, very much!

There’s only one complete episode on YouTube, so I can’t say much about the amount of scenes or if there are any others in bibs.

I like the 80s. But Frankie is quite young. Bibs have I think flared legs. The other is too old.

So rating 5-6 for now only.

Though interesting series.


Cebollitas ep. 165-174

30 Sep


Some more crossdressing scenes, more colors and other scenes of interest.

Pic 1 showing I think Colo as a girl in red checkered bibs (or dress ?), a wig and a hair hoop in ep 167. Unfortunatley only one brief scene at the end.

Pic 2 showing a blonde girl (Estela ?) in a brown dress in ep 173. Also walking outside.

Pic 3 showing Vero in very dark brown, almost black bibs in ep 170.

Pic 4 showing a girl (Christina ?) in yellow corduroy bibs (unknown length) and pigtails in ep 171. Bib at low position. Maybe a dress but hope for more scenes later.

Other scenes:

Ep 166: girl sitting in red bibs

Ep 168: girl sitting in red bibs, Sofia in a beige dress, girl in yellow bibs

Ep 169: Andrea sitting blue bibs (crying), girl dark blue dress

Ep 171: Vero in red, checkered bibs, older teen boy sitting in dark blue, non-jeans working bibs also in ep 172 (same as in ep 209)

Ep 173: Girl in red bibs

Non-bibs scenes:

Ep 167: Fede and others shirtless in blue shiny shorts

Ep 171: Shower scene of Fede and others. Gamuza, sitting shirtless acting like a girl

Ep 174: Fede crying



De ce are vulpea coada?

29 Sep


Family film
Year: 1988
Year in film: ~1980s
Country: Romania
Who in bibs: Gabriel 6 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  2/10 ?
Rating: **
Comment: At least this boy, probably Octavian Herescu as 5 or 6 yo Gaby, in light green or khaki short shortalls. Farm setting but probably not involving bibs. Brief scene starting at around 27 to 30 minutes.

There are also older boys, mainly in shorts, some shirtless, but no other in bibs known. Completely available online but I only have checked it partly. One vid is in quite good image quality but in dark and wrong colors.

English title: Why Does the Fox Have a Tail. Correct title: De ce are vulpea coadă?

Rating 2-3 for now only due to his age and few scenes. Also few other good scenes.


Cebollitas ep. 390-409

28 Sep


I’m heading more and more to the end of this series. Still some new colors. I have also updated the list by color. Episode 390 missing. Pics 1+2 colors corrected.

Yasmina for the first time in long dark red bibs, bib at low position in ep 393.

Pic 2 showing a girl (Vero ? ) in purple bibs or probably a dress in ep 400.

Pic 3 a girl (Maru ?) sitting in long green or khaki bibs in ep 402 (also from a distance).

Pic 4 showing Sofia in blue bibs and Mickey Mouse ears in ep 397.

Other scenes:

Ep 400: Toddler girl in blue bibs,

Ep 402: Emiliano in blue bibs, one strap down (I think still partial views / headshot)

Ep 406: Andrea in blue bibs, Vero standing and sitting in red bibs (distance).



Cebollitas ep. 145-164

27 Sep


This time some more earlier episodes, I had skipped. Still in the good image quality.

First, Gamuza in a different pair of red bibs in ep 147. He mainly wears another pair without these white seams.

Pic 2 showing a girl (Roxana ?) sitting in dark blue bibs in ep 163.

Pic 3 showing the woman for the first time in green bibs in ep 156.

Pic 4 showing Roxana for the first time in long, beige corduroy bibs. Also sitting in ep 159.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 145: Girl in red bibs, Andrea in red dress

Ep 146: Robertitio in faded blue bibs, Gamuza in red bibs

Ep 147: Sofia in red bibs or similar (overlapping straps), Roxana in faded blue bibs,

Ep 149: Andrea in blue bibs,

Ep 150: girl in red bibs or similar, woman in black bibs,

Ep 151: girl in blue skirtalls or dress, girl beige corduroy shortalls and white tights

Ep 152: Andrea and Sofia sitting in blue bibs

Ep 153: Andrea in orange dress, Sofia grey shortalls or similar, girl in red dress dancing (Vero ?)

Ep 157: Girl in yellow bibs (Vicky ?), Roxana in faded blue bibs

Ep 158: Girl (Christina ?) sitting in long red bibs, Vero kneeing in a blue dress (overlapping straps), Roxana sitting in beige corduroy bibs (distance)

Ep 159: Gamuza faded blue bibs, girl (Vicky) in beige dress

Ep 161: Andrea in yellow dress

Ep 163: Gamuza red bibs

Ep 164: Sofia dark blue bibs (overlapping straps)


Ep 157: Girls in white shiny shorts, kids in pajamas

Ep 158: Boys in Karate suits (barefoot)

Ep 161: Boys in underwear, Gamuza jumping in tighty whiteys

Ep 162: Fede sitting shirtless in blue shiny shorts, one leg angled



Star Trek (1966)

26 Sep


Sci-Fi series starring Leonard Nimoy
Year: 1966-1969
Year in film: 23th cent.
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Leila ~30
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Bib occurence: medium *
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Britain Jill Ireland in rare tight green cotton bibs. Bib at very low position. Ep “This Side of Paradise”  s1e24. Also men in green coveralls (synthetic fabric ?).

Great series. Currently being aired due to the 50th anniversary. Obviously very few scenes of real bibs. And few kid and teen actors (not sure if any in bibs).

Great series, but I prefer blue jeans bibs. so rating 2-3 for now for this.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (rating 2) M

Star Trek: The Next Generation (rating 8) M, F

Update: Chiquititas Brasil

25 Sep


Some few more scenes and pics to show some of the other actresses including younger and older girls and teen girls. Unfortunately I often forgot to capture the episode number, some are short clips without that info as well.

Pic 1 is an Asian teen girl sitting in light blue shortalls. Around or also in s3e13. Jonatas Faro (not in bibs) brings her a flower.

Pic 2 showing the blonde younger pigtailed girl (Maria ?) in blue checkered bibs. Video #608 in 1999.

Pic 3 showing two young girls (Dina and Gardenia ?) sitting in dark blue skirtalls, shortalls  or dresses. 1998.

Pic 4 the older teen girls in beige bibs and yellow rubber boots. Video around 634?

Still lots of work, especially to find the boys.




Cebollitas ep. 370-389

24 Sep


Nothing much new, nothing much of interest and fewer and fewer bibs scenes and fewer and fewer shortalls. Not even of the girls (I wonder why). Mainly Andrea and Sofia in blue and red bibs. Ep 375, 383, 384 missing.

Pic 1 from ep 387. A girl sitting in red bibs and Yasmina in beige bibs.

Pic 2 from ep 372: Andrea in beige bibs.

Pic 3 from ep 372: A girl in khaki bibs or similar.

Pic 4 from ep 370: A girl walking in red bibs.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 373: Sofia sitting in red bibs,

Ep 374: Yasmina in light blue bibs and white shirt (headshot only)

Ep 376: Yasmina in beige bibs (I think headshots only)

Ep 379: Sofia in red bibs, girl in light yellow bibs

Ep 380: Sofia in blue bibs

Ep 381: Andrea in dark blue bibs

Ep 382: Sofia in red bibs

Ep 387: Toddler girl in blue bibs or similar

Non-bibs scenes:

Fat boy Bocha wearing red lipstick.



Chiquititas Brasil (1997)

23 Sep


Family series, 5 seasons
Year: 1997-2001
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Brasil
Who in bibs: boys, girls ~5-17, women
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium+?
Rating:  6/10 ?
Rating: ******
Comment: Several, mainly girls and older teen girls in mainly blue bibs, shortalls and dresses. Obviously at least 2 boys including 11 or 12 yo Jonatas Faro and I also found Thiago Farias (for now publicity pics only). Also Jonatas Faro and other teen boy and men in baggy coveralls.Most often shown maybe a blonde, pigtailed girl (Maria ?) around 9 yo often in blue bibs. One other young girl is called Victoria Rocha.

And a boy in a sailor suit and very interesting unusual bedrooms (soon on my other blogs).

Thanks very much db1 for suggesting this series. I previously only had the Argentinian series Chiquititas (1995) rating 3 and a movie. There are also studio live musical shows.

This series is almost as huge and interesting as Cebollitas.This is just a quick part 1 of this series. I have to make more posts later, but I’m currently busy with Cebollitas and else.

I have checked around 30-40 episodes but haven’t found any notable scenes of boys. db1, can you please tell me at least one single episode of Faro in bibs? I’m not even sure in what season. 1998 and 1999 is very long. Some clips starting 1998 at around episode 135, others in 120 or earlier, some still have ep 210+ in 1998, In the earlier episodes he wore glasses and later he looks much older. Season 2, 3 or 4? Probably in or around s3. I think I have to check rather s2.

Pic 1 showing the final episode of season 4. Pic 2 is titled video 560 (season 4) but that is not the correct episode #.

Pic 3 a woman in raw denim bibs, I don’t remember the episode #. Pic 4 a girl in long faded bibs in s3e61.

Some other scenes:

2 teen girls in beige bibs and yellow rubber boots, Jonatas Faro in coveralls in video 565. An Asian teen girl in light blue shortalls in and around s3e13, a woman in blue shortalls in ep 127 (1997), a teen girl in beige shortalls (final ep of s4), some girls and teen girls in light blue bibs and shortalls in s5e1. One teen girl in orange bibs in a music clip.

(Please also note my previous entry (blonde teen girl Yasmina).)



Cebollitas ep. 350-369

23 Sep


Some very good scenes of blonde Yasmina here, as announced. Finally some very good regular, blue bibs, not the colorful ones and shortalls. Also again Gamuza in his yellow bibs. Ep 360+366 missing (366 available but blocked here).

Pic 1 showing Yasmina in faded long blue bibs, a bit baggy, in ep 353. Also sitting at the counter shown completely from a distance.

Pic 2 from ep 368. Also standing walking.

Pic 3 showing her in beige bibs. Bib at very low position. Ep 358.

Pic 4 showing another girl in dark blue bibs. Bib also at very low position. Ep 354.

Other bibs scenes:

Ep 351: Girl from pic 4 in red bibs

Ep 352: Andrea in blue dress, Yasmina in a red dress

Ep 354:  Andrea in light yellow or beige bibs, Sofia in light blue bibs (bib at very high position), both sitting

Ep 356: Girl from pic 4 in red bibs (or long dress ?)

Ep 357: Gamuza sitting in light yellow bibs

Ep 365: Andrea in light yellow or beige bibs, Yasmina in beige bibs (red shirt), Andrea in dark blue bibs, girl in yellow bibs or dress

Ep 368: Toddler girl in brown bibs, Sofia in light blue bibs, Gamuza sitting in yellow bibs

Ep 369: Gamuza in yellow bibs, Andrea sitting in dark blue bibs