Little Cobras: Operation Dalmatian

29 Aug


Family film
Year: 1997
Year in film: 1990s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Marla ~10, man
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium
Rating:  5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: Kathren Laurents in light blue bibs, quite baggy. Also sitting. Cycling scenes but probably not in bibs but regular light blue jeans.

From the “missing Felix” and my rare movies list.

Typical good 90s kids-detective-dog-movie. Rather few good bibs scenes (pics at 57 minutes. Also a black man at 16 minutes. I prefer Jay and Jake Richardson (pic 2 on the right).

Rating 5-6.

Cebollias – teen boy and new colors

28 Aug


After having checked all episodes from 144 back to 50 (and some early episodes with Axel, some more posts coming soon), I have started checking episodes 200 and up (currently 214). I haven’t found Gamuza in yellow bibs yet.

Pics 1+3 showing an unknown older teen boy (for the first time) in blue, non-jeans (working) bibs in ep 209, also sitting (also appearing and sitting in ep 210), some ripped holes on a thigh. The bib seems at high position, but only when sitting.

Pic 2 showing one girl in an orange dress (ep 210).

Pic 4 showing 2 girls in beige and dark yellow bibs in ep 208. At least the beige bib is new, previously I only noticed a beige dress (also with a blue shirt).

The woman in dark brown bibs in ep 214. Andrea in a colorful dress and a bibs-like blue jeans apron over it looking like wearing two pairs at the same time (ep 214).

The previously unknown other boy with long blonde hair is called Brian (still not in bibs).



Update 5: The Waltons – Season 5

27 Aug


Few good scenes and not much new on disc 6 of season 5. Again mainly Jim-Bob in his medium blue bibs with the long, simple straps on the rear. Quite good rear view (like at 51 minutes) but the pants don’t look like bibs at the rear. Also lying under a car. Riding at 1h07 but I already have riding scenes and else of him.

Pic 1 showing Jason sitting at 2h43 (ep 20). His bibs appear light blue in the sunlight but are the same as in pic 3. I think the purple bibs but faded.

Pic 2 showing a young supporting boy in beige bibs (front+rear) at 1h29 (end of ep 18 at the cemetary). Also more close-up at 1h24 but briefly and between other people. Hands in pockets.

Pic 3 showing Jason and Ben at the bus station at 1h45 (ep 19). Ben as usual with the bib at low position. He wore them baggy and even pulling them down a bit with his hands in his pockets. Also rear view of both. Better rear views of Ben earlier and on disc 7 (coming soon).

Pic 4 showing a supporting boy in blue bibs in a building, also sitting but from a distance. At 2 minutes (ep 17).




Star Trek: The Next Generation – s6e7

26 Aug


Sci-Fi series starring Patrick Stewart, 178 ep.
-Year: 1987-1994
-Year in film: 24th Century
-Country: USA
-Who in bibs: girl ~13, boys ~8+10
-Available on DVD: yes
-I own: yes, partly TV recording
-Bib occurence: medium *
-Rating:  3/10 *
-Rating: ***
-Comment: At least one older girl (Caroline Junko King as young Keiko ?) in light brown bibs or similar and 2 younger boys, one non-human little Klingon (young Worf ?) in purple bibs, one black boy in blue bibs or similar in the 1994 episode “Rascal”. I previously had just Joshua Harris in s5e11, rating 8.


Funny episode with kids as the crew. Has been aired some days ago, but I missed the beginning.

All bibs are of non-jeans fabric.

Rating 2-3 for the bibs scenes in this episode. The series is still quite good (unlike all the later series) but I prefer the classic TOS. I also have one entry about Deep Space Nine.

Cebollitas ep. 65-74

25 Aug


I already have posted some of the best scenes, especially of the blonde, longhaired boy Fede. So here some details and some few more scenes. I already have checked back to episode 50. Later episodes also coming soon.

Pic 1 showing the older girl (Roxana ?) in dark blue bibs with long overlapping straps hanging out in ep 74. They seem quite baggy. Unfortunately the boys don’t wear bibs.

Pic 2 showing Fede, this time in a red shirt, also sitting in the locker room (side view distance only). Bib at high position. Ep 68.

Pic 3 showing another girl (Maru ?) in blue bibs kneeing on the floor. Bib at high position. Ep 65.

Pic 4 is a funny scene. Fede in blue bibs and 2 girls (not in bibs) clinging each other tight in fear. Only from a distance or headshots. Ep 65.

Other scenes

Ep 65: Girl in yellow bibs (long) standing

Ep 66: Fede in faded bibs and light blue shirt, bib at high position, girl beige dress,

Ep 67: Roxana standing in blue bibs, Fede sitting (open bib)

Ep 70: Girl blue bibs standing , girl yellow bibs sitting,

Ep 72: Girl blue bibs sitting, girl red bibs standing, Roxana sitting in blue bibs,

Ep 73: Fede standing and walking in blue bibs (first noticed him)

Ep 74: Gamuza in blue bibs, Andrea in blue bibs, girl in yellow bibs, girl in yellow long dress

No other non-bibs scenes of interest



Angyali üdvözlet (1984)

24 Aug


Surreal drama
Year: 1984
Year in film: 1900s ? (bibs)
Country: Hungary
Who in bibs: Adam ~11 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: At least one boy, looks like Péter Bocsor (who also plays Adam) in blue grey non-jeans bibs mainly at the end (around 1h08). Maybe some few other kids in bibs but mainly in the background. One boy in a dark brown leather apron. Also scenes of kids playing Adam and Eve (without clothes) and also other historical costumes (like Romans).

Not sure about the exact time setting near the end. Acoording to the hats maybe around the 1900s. The movie covers the complete history of mankind. Based on the 1861 play “The Tragedy of Man” by Imre Madach. Scene 11 is set in the 19th Century of London.

Interesting and strange movie with only kids acting. English title: The Annunciation. I found it some time ago and don’t remember why I haven’t posted it. Probably I haven’t found then the complete movie.

Handsome actor and I like grey bibs. But rather few good scenes.

Rating 7-8 for the bibs scenes. And not more for the movie itself. I prefer other movies like farm movies and not that strange.


Updates: Dad, the Angel & Me , others

23 Aug


I had an entry but no pics with 12 yo Stephi Lineburg in bibs. Now, I found the complete movie. Unfortunately 2 rather brief scenes and both are skirtalls. Pic 2 (rather a colorful dress) at the beginning, pic 1 in light blue jeans skirtalls with colorful short skirt at around 26 minutes. Rating 2(-3).


I also uploaded a pic of 13 yo Brighton Hertford (previously no pics) in Finding Kelly aka Mystery Kids. Unfortunately not wearing bibs, rating 6.

To those who haven’t noticed, I also have pics of Deadly Web (7 yo Andy aka Andrew Lawrence, pictured below, rating 4). Thanks db1. Also for pointing out details of the early episodes of Cebollitas.

More updates from my rare movies list and another movie (boy rating 7-8) coming soon. Still many pics missing. Added and updated some movies. “Real Kids, Real Adventures” also have boys.


Story 137: Overlapping straps – Cebollitas etc

22 Aug


Overlapping straps are generally very rarely shown. I only have around 7 entries on my complete blog. Some straps have button and holes like Mary Ellen Walton in season 1. I currently have only 2 US movies with overlapping straps (A Winner Never Quits, Man With the Gun (1955). And around 4 European ones, mainly French. Long straps in Papa Poule.

In Cebollitas, almost everybody has overlapping straps often hanging out. Obviously on purpose. I first noticed this on Andrea in her blue bibs (pic 1, here ep 109). Sometimes she has them twirled up and knotted.

Pic 2 showing Fede in ep 60. He was jumping here and the straps flying up in the air. I think he and some others sometimes put them back. In later episodes his bib is at very high position (see list by color). He often has a backpack and also often his bib down also when not changing clothes. He often wears bibs just before episode 75 where I first started to check completetly. Unfortunately no notable rear views, yet.

Pic 3 Gamuza has one strap hanging out and grabbed his straps but I think leaving it hanging out. Ep 64.

Pic 4 showing a girl (Vicky ?) in yellow bibs, full length. Ep 64.

Also with overlapping straps Sofia in a light blue dress (see updated list by color, blue pic #16 and red, last one). And Christina in grey in ep 217.

Some more good scenes, especially of Fede and Gamuza coming soon. But they often have the same pair (Gamuza red and blue). I think, I will soon check episodes 200 and up.



Cebollitas – Fede in tight bibs (ep 73), girls

21 Aug


Finally. Regular worn bibs of Fede in ep 73. As db1 still havent posted his finds and there are fewer and fewer boys, I have started checking backwards from ep 74-1 (few episodes yet).

First walking and briefly touching his lap in the dressing room. Arms crossed and also thumbs in pockets. Later sitting but partly hidden behind a table (pic 3).

To those who prefer girls, I included pic 2+4 showing blue (ep 72) and yellow (ep 70) bibs (full length). Many bibs turned out to be short dresses, often corduroy.

I think it’s time now, to upgrade this to rating 8 instead of 7. Also some girls are of interest. Not to mention other great scenes.

Please also note my previous posts today.


Gimme a Break! (1981)

21 Aug


Sitcom starring Nell Carter
Year: 1981-1987
Year in film: 1980s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Matthew 6, Samantha ~16
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: 6 yo Matthew Lawrence in dark blue bibs and shortalls (season 6) and Lara Jill Miller in rare hickory striped bibs with dark blue legs (but front half only) in 1983 s3e2 (also sitting), probably more scenes of her in earlier seasons. Pics 1+3 on the left showing Joey Lawrence. Publicity pics with him around 7 yo in dark blue (maybe raw demim) bibs.

I have searched all episodes with him (that are available, s3-s6) at high speed, but haven’t found him in bibs.

Thanks once more db1 for listing all Lawrence brothers bibs movies! “Drexell’s Class” coming soon (also with a black boy in bibs and a teen girl in rare shortalls), “Diff’rent Strokes” I have a post (pic of  Joey coming soon), “Umbrella Jack” I have a post but still no pic, Tom (1994) I could only found a tiny pic. The rest I already have.

Pic 1 is from 1986 s6e13, pic 3 from s6e6. Joey’s tight jeans are also very good here. In s6e12 Matt also wearing dark blue bibs, also sitting. At the intro of s6 Matt seems like wearing red suspenders but might be parts of the guitar or else.

Very few bibs scenes. And Matt is very young, so rating 4 for that only. Joey is more of interest here.



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