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5 Jan

Family comedy series with 3 sons of Tim Allen, 8 seasons
Year: 1991-1999
Year in film: 1990s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Randy ~11(s1), Brad, Mark, Jill, women, girls
Available on DVD: yes
I own: Season 1, + TV recodings
Bib occurence: medium
Rating:  8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: Jonathan Taylor Thomas sometimes wears light blue and probably darker bibs. I think mainly in season 2 and 3. I like episode 73. Perhaps small Taran Noah Smith wears dark bibs in season 1. I think, Zachary Ty Bryan very rarely wears bib but often standard Jeans. There are other guest stars (including teen girls and women) in bibs. Typical bibs of the 90s. But they are too short. One of my favourite comedy series. Three brothers having fun and problems and the jokes of Tim Allen. Image 1 showing Tim Allen (left) and Jonathan Taylor Thomas in I think s3e3 (rear view see season 3 entry)

Also the 2 other brothers in bibs, I think in early episodes (must be season 1) only. Pic top right Taran Noah Smith as Mark in ep 7 (I think) and pic below Zachery Ty Bryan as Brad in ep. 3. I remember few scenes of Brad. Best is of course Randy.
I still have to check the complete series once again, but this will take much time.

Also mother Jill (Patricia Richardson) in bibs. Thanks to The Dng Effect. Season 6 and 7. E6e19, e702. Also in s4e11.

Sitting I think all boys.

Update: A young women of the Tool Time crew. Is that Sherry Hursey as Ilene? I only noticed this brief scene also rear view with a leather belt. S1e3. Probably Pamela Anderson.

Update 2: Another young lady and Patricia Richardson in s7e19 s7e20 (rating 4)

Originally rated 6, now rated 8.


Update 3: Brad as Raggedy Andy in a costume and Pamela Anderson as Lisa


Update 4: I’m currently creating separate season entries. Season 2 (rating 8). Update 5: Debbe Dunning later in shortalls and skirtalls, also the boys and men in fishing bibs (s5).

Season 3 rating 8, season 4 rating 4, season 5 rating 2. No or no notable bibs scenes of boys in seasons 4 and later. A boy and for the first time a girl and a teen girl in bibs in s5e22/s5e23.

A teen girl and Jill in bibs in season 6 also Tim and Al in coveralls. Jill in bibs and shortalls and a teen girl in season 7.

Younger twin girls in white and blue bibs in s8e10.












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