Lockie Leonard

5 Jan


 TV series about 2 Australian brothers. 2 seasons.
Year: 2007-2010
Year in film: 2000s?
Country: Australia
Who in bibs: Phillip ~11ys, women 30s
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recordings
Bib occurence: medium?
Rating:  5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: Funny family series. I think, bibs only in season 1. Corey McKernan as 10 yo Phillip (picture on the left) wearing blue bibs, but not always. He is the younger brother of Lockie (who is right to him in the picture, then their parents). I like this series and also the books. Funny scenes and good acting especially Lockie with scenes in a bathtub, also both brothers in the bedroom. Phillip was a bedwetter, now Lockie has wet dreams. Lockie is in puberty. At lot of scenes with girls and surfing scenes. I have to watch all the episodes. Good looking standard bibs worn in the 90s. Few/medium bib scenes, so rating 5. Also Briony Williams as mom and Della Rae Morrison as Mrs Egg (mother of Lockie’s friend) in baggy bibs.

Update: Finally on TV, 5 and half years later. Adding tag sitting M.


Episode 1 (season 1): Some few good scenes front+rear (pics: see update)

Ep 5: Some few scenes, also Phillip in longer blue shiny shorts

Ep 6: Very good scenes sitting, also lying on the floor in bibs. Also good plot (Puberty, Lockie “wets” his bed. Phillip’s was first dry

Ep 7: Brief scene at the end headshot only (front+rear)

Ep 9: Many scenes of Phillip, sitting, on stilts. One scene of Mrs Egg

Ep 10: Only Mrs Egg sitting, brief scene

Ep 11: Many scenes of Mrs. Egg, Mom in baggy red bibs (briefly)

Ep 12: Few scenes of Mrs. Egg

Ep 14: One very brief scene of Phillip kneeing on the grass

Ep 15: 2 scenes of Phillip. Headhot + sitting on the couch

in between only Mrs Egg

Ep 20: Lockie in apron and he and Vicki in training bibs (vests)

Ep 23: Brief scene of Phillip

Ep 24: 2 notable but very brief scenes of Phillip’s rear

Ep: 25: Some scenes of Phillip, also 1 good rear view. Lockie with a green face.

Season 2:

No real bibs scenes known yet

S2e7: Phillip and his dad in fishing bibs, rating 2


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