Mystic Nights and Pirate Fights

5 Jan


2 boys searching a treasure.
Year: 1998
Year in film: 1990s?
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boy ~14 ys
Available on DVD: VCD only
I own: no, partly TV recording
Bib occurence: medium+
Rating:  5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: A boy wears beige bibs and rubber boots as fishermen (pictured). This two boys are the main characters. Chris Kauffmann (character Jonah Johnson) is on the left (?). And the other must be Mark Samburg as Schooner Berg. Several good scenes. I remember this film is an exciting kids adventure but there are better films. I don’t like this bibs either. I prefer blue bibs and farm films, but there are bibs which look worse. Bibs are at least not too small and at good height. I think not yet released on either DVD nor VHS (Chinese VCD only).

Update:Currently on YouTube but in bad image quality.

More bibs scenes as remembered. And currently I like these bibs especially in combination with the rubber boots. But obviously few or no good rear views as he wears a jacket.

Previously rated just 4, now 5-6.


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