The Waltons

5 Jan

The first entry goes to this series. 9 seasons + films. For detailed informations about each series with different ratings and guest stars see those entries.
Year: 1972-1981
Year in film: 1930s/1940s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Nearly everybody + guests
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, s1-9
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  10/10
Rating: **********
Comment: I think everyone knows this farm family. Wide range of age. Jim-Bob ~6 years (first season) to nearly grown up in later seasons along with his granddad, dad, brothers and sisters. Also different styles and colors of bibs. Denim, medium blue, light blue and hickory striped. I think only the grandmother never wore bibs (at least aprons). And some girls and dad rarely. Mostly in bibs: Jim-Bob and Jason. John-Boy sometimes in light blue bibs. Also some guest stars. Perfect. Authentic. Historic. Must have. Pic 2 showing Mary-Ellen (season 1, episode 20)), Jim-Bob in hickory striped bibs, season 6 (last episode?), and Jason (I think in season 2). Pic 1 is a compilation (later seasons).

Most bib colors: Mary-Ellen in standard blue bibs (only season 1, season 2 in light blue bibs, later mostly not in bibs only sometimes at home, Jim-Bob in different bibs, mostly dark blue, sometimes hickory striped, Erin red bibs (season 2, 3) in season 6 in light blue, real bibs. Jason in I think 2 different blue bibs (in later episodes in other pants), Ben rarely in dark blue, small bibs. Elizabeth mainly of interest in later seasons (7). Dad John sometimes in blue bibs, granddad in blue or hickory striped bibs. Olivia (mother) in light blue bibs, season 6 only. Most of the kids are barefeet, inside and outside, at least in earlier episodes.

Update: I also have some story entries of The Waltons, a Christmas special (Info 112) and now also an entry on my sailor suit blog. Best try a blog search with “Waltons”.

Wet bibs at least in season 4 (white bibs of Jim-Bob). Also muddy scenes of Erin. Some shirtless scenes and undressing scenes (see separate season entries and comments in s4e7).



Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, Season 8, Season 9







For shirtless scenes see comments in this post


Waltons barefoot list at the comment of the barefoot list


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