To Kill A Mockingbird

5 Jan

Black&White classic about a racism case, a lawyer (Gregory Peck) and his kids.
Year: 1962
Year in film: 1932
Country: USA
Who in bibs: girl Scout 10 ys, boy Jem 14 ys, other men & boys
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes 2 Disc edition
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  9/10
Rating: *********
Comment: Black&white but very good. Authentic. Historic. The film has much suspense. You can also watch it more than once. Both kids wear bibs most of the time. Jem lost his pants at a fence being together with his sister in one scene (showing his underpants and Scout helped undressing him so he become free and later he puts them on again). Bib of Scout’s overalls down while changing shirt by a maid (beginning), also dressing on scene by her (1h53). Also other ~6 boys at schoolyard in bibs (1 in light bibs, 1 in light hickory striped, 2 or 3 in raw denim). Good style. Timeless. Pic 1 showing ~14 yo Phillip Alford as 11+12 yo Jem, other pics also Scout (Mary Badham) and Dill (John Megna, pic 2 2+3 on the left). 3 Oscars, novel by Harper Lee who recently died (2016).

DVD: I own the 2 disc Oscar Edition released 2006. Lots of extras, incl. interviews of the kid actors now grown up (few of Alford). Most extras are about Peck (incl. his family), but I don’t need this extra DVD. Making-of on main disc. All major languages and subtitles. I’ve seen this film ~5 times completely some time ago and once recently. Not much real farm content except small fields and gardens but also showing some farmers with straw hats mainly at court. Image quality is good but at rather low resolution 768×576 but including the black borders.

Update, now also a book entry. But I don’t like it.

Best scenes of this 2 hour movie: (many good scenes at the beginning, Scout bib down, Scout sitting in a tyre and being rolled by Jem at 7 minutes)

11 minutes, 19 (behind railing), 24 (hunker down), 26 (Jem close up bottom crawling on all fours), 28 fence, undressing Jem, 33 longer school scene, 46, 56 Jem sitting (pic 1), 58 (pajamas 2 boys in 1 bed, also on my bedroom blog, rating 6), 1h00 (pic 3) very good front view of Jem, a man lifting him up, good rear view close up of Scout, 1h04 sitting on the road, after that pics of their front+rear in the update, 1h53 Scout putting on bibs fixing her braces. Update (3 more pics) at




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