The Waltons – Season 1

6 Jan


First season. For whole series (rating 10/10) see very first post.
Year: 1972
Year in film: 1935
Country: USA
Who in bibs: nearly whole family, + others m/f
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: Jim-Bob is very young ~7 and wears at least 3 different bibs, mostly light blue bibs with no back bib (suspenders), sometimes shirtless. Also hickory stiped bibs and standard blue bibs with back bib. In this early season 13 yo Mary-Ellen wears dark bibs (see picture in series overview). 15 yo Jason also. Ben, who usually not wear bibs does here (bib at low position). 17 yo John-Boy in light blue bibs (he has to milk the cow). In later episodes, he rarely wears bibs.

Non-Waltons in bibs: Episode 4 The Hunt: Mary-Ellens friend Timmy ~15ys (pic 2)
Ep 6 The Star: a boy at school ~11 wears dark bibs at 1h03. Ep 12 The Dust Bowl Cousins: A muscular boy ~16 ys, shirtless puts on bibs after sleep. Also fighting on the ground. Some very few other guest stars but briefly shown and from a distance.
Pics showing Ben, Jason ~15, Jim-Bob, Erin, John-Boy ~17 and Mary-Ellen (above from left in episode 5), Timmy in ep. 4 bottom left and unknown boy at school in ep. 6.

I don’t like this season as much as the others. Best bibs are from Jason (rating 7+), Mary-Ellen and Timmy. See also season 2 (with similar young Jim-Bob but much more bib scenes. Also see other episode entries here.

Update: For Mary-Ellen also see (and some more story and list entries of Jason, Jim-Bob and Mary Ellen) linked in the main entry.

Wet scenes (mainly Jason) in ep. 8 (at the end).

Good scenes at DVD position 1h03 (ep 3) Jim-Bob, 2h06, 2h33 (Jason straw hat, ep 4), Disc 2: 7 minutes (ep 5, pic above), 10 minutes (Mary Ellen makes butter), 27 min. headstand, 43 min, 1h03 (boy at school), 1h46 Mary Ellen, 2h09, 2h52 (Jason), 3h00, 3h08 (Jason wet). Disc 3: 25 min (Jim, ep 9), 1h03 (Jason), 1h14, 1h24, 1h30. 2h52 !, 2h59+3h02 (shirtless muscular cousin). Disc 4: Mary Ellen (50 min ep 13), 1h15 (Jason ep 14), 1h28 Mary Ellen, 1h32. Disc 5: 40 minutes (Mary Ellen on bed, ep 17). 1h16 Mary Ellen sitting (ep 18), 2h06 (Mary Ellen outside butter scene). Disc 6: 1h31 Jason (ep 22).

More infos and pics at the updates, lists and story entries.



The Waltons – main overview entry





Season 2



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