Schloss Einstein

7 Jan

German TV series about a boarding school. 20+ seasons
Year: 1998-
Year in film: 1990s/00s/10s
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: (teen) boys/girls in different seasons
Available on DVD: no/partly *
I own: yes, TV recordings
Bib occurence: medium-
Rating:  5-9/10 *
Rating: *********
Comment: Few bib scenes, maybe there are more
Season 1: Episode 1: blond girl Tine ~12 ys. blue jeans bibs, pic 1
Episode 2: Sylvia in dark blue shortalls, see separate entry
Episode 92: Firefighter kids ( 3 teen boys?) but not so good as ep 381
Season 3: Ep. 126 ?: some boys in firefighter bibs (Otto), separate ep. entry
Season 3: Ep. 130: unknown girl in light blue bibs, pic below
Season 4: girl Sylvia: light green farm bibs, pic below
Season 4: Ep. 174: Christian Karn in blue bibs., brief scene front + rear view but mostly headshot in the background, separate entry ,rating 3
Season 5: Ep. 233 unknown girl in green chequered shortalls, rating 3, entry
Season 6: Ep. 322 unknown girl in light blue jeans coveralls w. zipper
Season 8: Episode 381, 382: boy Leon ~15 ys. in firefighter bibs (381 without jacket, see image), separate entry rating 8
Season 8: Episode 383: boy Otto in working bibs at a garage.
Season 11: Episode 486: girl Felicitas in oversized bibs and coveralls (separate entry, rating 4)
Season 14: Episode 681:girl Liz  ~13 in red bibs, other boy, girl. Farm content. (separate entry rating 4)
Season 15: Girl Feli ~15 in blue working bibs (see separate entry of season 15, rating 4 for now), also a teen boy in Lederhosen (see my other blog, rating 8 for now)
Ep. 693: 3 boys in orange, red and blue farm bibs. (see info post 124, rating 9)
Ep.730 (s15e42): Constanze 14 yo in light blue colored bibs, 2 others in purple and yellow bibs, rating 6 (see separate entry)
Season 17: Episode 805 (s17e13) 14 yo Daphne in purple working bibs, rating 3, see separate entry
Ep. 809: Constanze and maybe Nils, farm work teen boy+girl, rating 4, see separate entry
Ep. 825 (s17e33):  a teen girl in blue bibs, farm work but brief scene with a jacket
Ep. 830: teen girl Lisa ~14 in blue shortalls, see separate entry
Ep. 834: 3 teen boys in blue and purple farm bibs, rating 8, see separate entry
Ep. 838 teen girl Lotta in blue shortalls, see separate entry
Ep 839: a teen boy in blue working bibs, mud scene, see separate entry
Ep 840: a teen girl in yellow bibs, see separate entry
Ep 845: (s19e1+ later) Lotta ~15 in blue shortalls, see separate entry
Ep 847+848: teen boys+girls in working bibs, see separate entry
Ep 849: teen boy+girl in fishing bibs, Lotta in shortalls, girl in coveralls, entry
Ep 863: Lotta in turqouise farm bibs and red rubber boots, entry
Ep 865: (s19) boy+girl in red farm bibs, boy in green grey bibs, entry
Ep 880, 883: (s20) 15 yo Dominik, blue working bibs, also lying, entry
Ep 889: blonde teen girl in red, teen boy blue, farm, also sitting rating 6, entry
Ep 894, 895 Dominik being tied to a chair (close up ep 895), rating 8, entry
Season 21: At least 3 (teen) girls in pink, purple and olive bibs (ep 901, 903…) and a teen boy in blue non-jeans bibs
Ep 909: Turkish teen boy Orkan in blue working bibs
Ep 915: Pawel, Kasimir riding, 3 girls farm work, entry

Some men in different seasons (working bibs)
Tine also in a jeans dress, close to skirtalls. Also some kids in coveralls and Lederhosen.

I like this school series. But I prefer the first (three) seasons in Seelitz. Many different kid actors (a lot with fixed dental braces), also some famous guest stars. Mostly funny, but sometimes romantic and touching plots. Picture top left showing village girl Tine in Episode 1, season 1. Picture on the top right is Leon in firefighter bibs, undressing before taking a shower. He is talking to a boy and a girl. The boy likes the firefighter outfit.
See als next post Fortsetzung folgt: David wird Schauspieler – Neubeginn bei “Schloss Einstein” with Max Bussman in firefighting bibs (special for season 11) and also Info 57/tag stories 20 Boarding school for announcing this updates (additional pic of Iris).
Pic top middle showing Paula Birnbaum as Iris in Ep.2., bottom left Kristin Bohm as Sylvia in Ep. 181, bottom right unknown background girl in ep. 130.

Early episodes (set in Seelitz, season 1-10) are not on DVD just some very few episodes on 2 Best-of DVD sets. Now also on my pigtails blog rating 7. Bedroom blog rating 8, Lederhosen rating 8 (s6e15, s15).



If you search for all January 2011 post many entries are missing, see



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