Little House on the Prairie

10 Jan

Series like the Waltons, 10 seasons. Aka LHOTP.
Year: 1974-1983
Year in film: 1870s-1880s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: several boys, teens, men, 1 teen girl
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no, partly TV recordings
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: Good series, but few bib scenes alltogether. Most boys wear brown pants with suspenders. At least 11 boys with blue jeans bibs (in the complete series, mosty short scenes and guest stars). Some boys with brown and beige bibs. Occasionally some episodes with longer scenes with bibs.

Pic top right: ep. 1.05 The Love of Johnny Johnson. Johnny Johnson wears light blue bibs in that episode. Top left image: Laura (yellow cap) ep. 1.2 Country Girls. Pic bottom right from season 5 (or later ?)
See also spin-off called Father Murphy.

Known episodes with bibs (to be continued, but I missed some episodes):
Season 1:
Episode 2, Country Girls. (image top left) first day at school. Robert Hoffmann on left I think (same as on top right)
Ep. 5, The Love of Johnny Johnson (pic top right), boy with dark cap (red hair) is called Patrick. For Johnny see tag stories 21.
Episode 20, Child of Pain. Johnny Lee ~ 9ys. in dark blue bibs (not jeans fabric, no braces, but buttons).
Also at least 1 man in brown bibs.
And other episodes. See separate season entries.

Season 2:
Episode 6, The Spring Dance. Clay O’Brien as Henry Henderson ~12 ys in medium blue bibs (also buttons instead of braces), picture bottom left.
Episode 10, At the End of the Rainbow. Shane Sinutko as Jonah 10 ys in dark blue bibs. Scuffle on the ground, fishing.
Episode 20 , Centennial. Ike Eisenmann ~11ys in blue real bibs! But a bit too small.
Season 3:
Episode 20, The Election. Eric Olson as Elmer Dobkins ~12 ys in light blue jeans bibs. Bibs a bit too small. He is bullied by 2 boys (muddy=wet+sitting). Good bib scenes.
Episodes 21,22 Gold Country P1,2. A boy ~11ys in medium blue non jeans bibs.
Season 4:
Episode 12, Here come the Brides. Bob Marsic as Luke Simms ~16ys  in blue bibs. He has long hair and doesn’t look intelligent.
Episode 14, The Rivals. Girl Seeley Ann Thumann as Samantha Higgins ~14ys in good blue bibs. See post with tag info for more info and pic.
Season 5:
Episode 7, Fagin. Some background boys in beige bibs. Also other in good pants. I like those livestock contests. Also touching scene with Matthew Laborteaux. Earlier episodes of season 5 are set in a town with many boys but I don’t saw bibs there.
Episode 9, The Wedding. One boy ~ 9ys sitting in a circle in beige bibs
Episode 12. One boy ~9 in beige bibs sitting on a wagon.
Ep. 17. One boy ~ 10ys in light brown bibs.
Ep. 18. one boy ~7ys in blue jeans bibs
Season 6:
Ep. 3 boy Simon (Tiger Williams) ~11ys in beige bibs.
Ep. 5 at least 3 boys sitting on hay rolls at a circus, 1x ~6ys, 2x10ys (none is blue)
Ep. 14 boy Clarence (Alan R. Peterson) in bag like light brown bibs, and a teen boy ~15 in real blue jeans bibs.
Season 7:
Ep.8 Two boys at school ~7-8 ys in light blue jeans bibs. Short scenes

Seasons 8+9:
I don’t noticed any bib scenes there. A good swimming scene in season 9. Ep 9.12 (without bibs). In LHOTP-films I saw also no bibs, but not sure.

Edit: originally I rate 5, now 6. Ep. 4.12 girl rating 9.

See LHOTP girls in bibs Ep 4.14: and separate season entries)









Update: Sitting (boy) at least in Season 3.

Update 2: Laura in blue bibs (audition) and an older boy in beige bibs in the post-series movies specials



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