The Waltons – Season 3

10 Jan

Third season. For whole series (rating 10/10) see very first post.

Year: 1974-1975
Year in film: 1936?
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Jim-Bob ~9, Jason, and other boys, girls
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  8/10
Rating: ********
Comment: Here mainly Jim-Bob and Jason. Erin wears brown bibs (episode 6 The Ring) also light red bibs, Mary-Ellen light blue bibs (ep. 2) Jim-Bob in bibs shirtless (ep. 2, 1 in Germany), dark blue bibs + cowboy hat (ep 24 The Venture), Ben dark blue bibs good ones, not usual small ones (ep. 2), also riding (ep. 4). Also in hickory striped and shirtless (ep. 1) and with open bib (ep 4). John-Boy light blue bibs (ep. 2). Little Elizabeth in hickory striped bibs.

Non-Waltons in bibs: Episode 1 The Conflict: 2 boys ~ 10+12 ys. barefooted in light blue faded bibs (picture below at 18 minutes).
Episode 2 The First Day: one boy ~14 ys and other men riding.
Episode 17 The Beguiled: one boy ~12 ys dirty olive bibs.Willie Aames, rating 8

Pictures above showing shirtless Jim-Bob (episode 2 at 1h00) who is still young in this season, and Jason playing Piano at 18 min in ep. 20 The Choice. I think in this season is Jason very nice in bibs. My most favourite scene of all! In later seasons he doesn’t wear bibs often.

CD1: 5 minutes (Ben shirtless), 18 min (others, pic below), 39 Ben sitting hickory striped, 44 shirtless, 58 Jason, 1h00 Jim-Bob shirtless (pic 1, close up), 1h01, 1h39 Jim-Bob sitting,2h19 Elizabeth hickory striped, 2h36, 2h40 Mary Ellen light blue, 2h41 Ben, 2h51 Jason riding, 2h58 others riding

CD2: beginning 2 boys outside school, 5 minutes sitting, 7 Mary Ellen light blue, 22 Ben+Erin riding, 31 Ben bottom, 36 + 43 Jim-Bob bottom, 57 Ben sitting, 58 Elizabeth shirtless hickory, 1h19 Elizabeth hickory, 1h22 Mary Ellen light blue, 1h51 Jason on bed, 1h53 Jason, 2h26 Jason American football, 2h27 Ben shirtless hickory Football, Jim-Bob bottom, 2h45 Ben, 2h53 Ben

CD3: 8 min Jim-Bob prolonged straps, 19 Jason bottom, 52 walking, 1h14 shirtless. (Mary Ellen), 1h03 Ben shirtless 1h55 Mary Ellen sitting rear, 2h17 Jason sits, 2h29 Erin sits dark blue

CD4: 12 Jason, Jim-Bob, 22 Mary Ellen light blue, 50 bottom, 1h09, 1h41 Mary Ellen light blue, 2h22 Ben sitting, others, teen boy raw denim, 2h50 Erin flowered shortalls barefoot, 2h59 Ben walks, Elizabeth sits hickory stripes , 3h06 other boy

CD5: 50 face, 53 Mary Ellen light blue, 1h20, 1h21 other olive, 128, 1h44 Jason light blue, 1h59 Mary Ellen light blue (pigtails), 2h18 Jason rear, 2h36 Jim-Bob bottom tree house, 2h58 sitting and standing up (distance)

CD6: 5 min other, 18 Jason sitting, 29, 1h21 Jim-Bob dark blue non-jeans, 1h38 Jason, 1h49 Elizabeth sitting hickory 2h08 Jason bottom, 2h08 other boy, 2h11 other boy

CD7: 48 Jim-Bob jumping, 57 Jim-Bob as cowboy (western blog rating 7) , 1h17 Erin light blue, 1h23 Jason, 1h32 Jim-Bob rear












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