The Waltons – Season 4

12 Jan

Fourth season. For whole series (rating 10/10) see very first post.

Year: 1975-1976
Year in film: 1937?
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Jim-Bob, Jason, Ben, Mary-Ellen, Erin and other boys
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  10/10
Rating: **********
Comment: Here mainly Jim-Bob and others. Jim-Bob blue and also beige bibs (Ep 1), Mary-Ellen riding (Ep 13), Ben too small bibs also shirtless ep17, also riding (Ep 14), Jim-Bob, Ben, Jason all blue bibs (Ep 20). Erin in red and blue non-Jeans bibs.

Non-Waltons in bibs: Episode 1 The Sermon: ~4 boys age 6-14 boys with blue bibs at school and open air school (front and back, walk and sit).
Episode 9 The Emergence: At school~4 boys, Tom ~13 ys pic below and here, later Samuel ~16ys

Top left image showing rare scene with all in bibs without Elizabeth. Mary-Ellen (left) and even Erin in dark bibs. Also Ben, Jason (front right) and Jim-Bob. Image top right: Jason, Erin and Mary-Ellen. Bottom left image showing Jim-Bob in beige bibs (ep. 10). Image bottom right showing Tom (right) in school and other boys. On the left Jim-Bob. Tom is also showing from behind (good scene).

Update wet scenes at least Jim-Bob in white bibs. I have to check this and all other seasons again.

My favourite scenes (previously, mostly males): CD1: 1 min, 0:29,, 2h11. CD 2 5 min, 11, 29, 1h07. CD3: 3 min,. CD5: 11 min. CD6: 32 min, 2h04, CD7: 52. Updates below:

CD 1: 1 min others, 15 minutes class outside, one boy raw denim, 29 min others butt, 1h10 Jim-Bob white bibs, 1h22 +1h26 others at a fair, 1h37 Erin 15 yo, Jim-Bob, Jody, Jason Baseball, 1h49 Erin, others Baseball rear, 1h50 Mary Ellen and others, 1h52 Jim-Bob white bibs butt crack, 1h55 Erin sits rear, 2h11 Jim-Bob sits rear, 2h23 many on seesaw.

CD 2: 3 min Jim-Bob, 5 min others background, 12 min Mary Ellen dark blue, 16 min Jim-Bob sits, 40 wet, 57 Mary Ellen dark blond + 1h13, 1h32, 1h32 Erin light red, 1h49, 2h06 Ben milking, 2h15 other boys, 2h18, 2h39 Jim-Bob white + Mary Ellen dark blue, 2h42 Erin muddy,  2h53 Jason and clothesline, 3h01 Mary Ellen sits

CD 3: (ep9): 5 min school others, 11 minutes Tom and others at school, 29 minutes Tom, 50 minutes Mary Ellen light blue, 54, 53 boy backgound, 1h07 sits white, 1h54, 2h25 Mary Ellen dark blue, 2h37 Mary Ellen serving

CD 4: 3 minutes, 4 Mary Ellen riding, 12 Mary Ellen + Erin, 19, 34 Erin + Elizabeth kneeing on the ground, 38 sit, 44 sit,  51 Ben raw denim, 54 min Ben 16 yo riding, 1h06 Jason faded appears light blue, Jim-Bob, 1h15 Mary Ellen, 1h16 Jason, 1h19 Jason rear, 1h21 Jim-Bob sitting, 1h58 2h embracing Erin + Mary Ellen (see Story 63), 2h20 face, 2h24+ 2h27 standing, 2h25 Elizabeth hickory striped, 3h03 Mary Ellen

CD 5: 6, 9 min sits, 11, 15 Ben shirtless, 16 Jim bob sitting in tyre, Erin sitting red, 20, 29 Mary Ellen (pigtails), Jason, Ben (shirtless rear), 33 Jim-Bob, 1h14 Jason high position, 1h25 Jason rear, 1h42 Ben in bed, 2h26, 2h27 sits, 2h33 (mainly Jim-Bob), 240 Mary-Ellen, Jim-Bob, Ben

CD 6: 2 (Ben+Jason), 7 (Ben lap close up), 32, 35, 49 Mary Ellen +boys, 52 sits, 55,  1h01 Mary-Ellen pulling up pant legs,  1h15, 1h19 Jason, 1h25 Jason sitting truck rear, 1h36 Mary Ellen, 2h04, 2h09

CD 7: 24, 26 other young boy held by dad, 30 sit, 30 Jason butt, 52 Jim Bob sitting rear, Jason leg angled, 1h06 sits
















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