The Waltons – Season 6

18 Jan

Sixth season. For whole series (rating 10/10) see very first post.
Year: 1977-1978
Year in film: 1939
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Jim-Bob, Elizabeth, Erin, Olivia, other boys
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  9/10
Rating: *********
Comment: Jim-Bob, now ~15ys with blue bibs and with hickory stripes, Elizabeth ~11 dark blue raw denim bibs (ep. 8 (Germany: ep. 9) The First Casualty + 21 Revelation (Germany 25)), Erin in light blue bibs, i think for the first time (ep. 6). Olivia (mother in light blue bibs (ep 13, Germany 15) first time!)

Non-Waltons in bibs: Episode 22 Grandma Comes Home (Germany 26): a fat boy ~10ys. with medium blue/grey bibs (same as in Season 7).
A girl ~11 ys in beige bibs (ep  14).

Elizabeth, who rarely wears bib, here dancing in dark denim bibs together with a girl (right picture). Jim-Bob mostly wears blue bibs which are too small (bib low, left picture). I think same bibs in Season 5. This bibs has not a back bib, just suspenders. Not much bibs of other family members nor guest stars.
Jim-Bob in hickory stripe bibs, see Waltons series overview picture.

Update: Now (Dec 2011) I also noticed Erin in a blue sailor dress. See my other blog, rating 7 for that.

Disc 1: 4 min Elizabeth raw denim, 17 Jim-Bob dark blue, ep2: 55 min Josh, 1h17 Jim-Bob hickory, 1h20 shirtless, 1h 21 fighting ground, ep 3: 1h58 Ben (no bibs), ep4: 2h22 Elizabeth raw denim, 2h38 Jim-Bib sitting hickory, 2h47 hickory butt, Elizabeth white bleached

Disc 2: Ep 5: 8 minutes sitting hickory striped, 11 minutes Jason (no bibs), 15 minutes Elizabeth (raw denim ?), 1h09 Erin light blue (ep 6), 1h44 (ep 7)

Disc 3: 6 minutes other boy rear, 31 minutes Jim-Bob hickory, 1h09 Jim-Bob on floor , 1h 10 Elizabeth dancing in raw denim. 1h50 Elizabeth raw denim, 2h10 Jim-Bob hickory, 2h11 Jim-Bob blue, 2h17 Jim-Bob sitting blue (Ep 11: (time positions from this episode only) 26, 37 (standing hickory), 38, 43=2h17)

Disc 4: Ep 12: 44 min standing lying, ep 13: 1h03, Ep 14: Jim-Bob walking 1h36, 1h41 running, standing, rear, 1h48 Elizabeth light blue sit, 1h50 Jim-Bob, 1h55, 2h02 standing up, 2h06 Jim-Bob sitting car. Also Olivia in bibs (see above).

Disc 5: 13 min Elizabeth riding raw denim, 51 min Jim-Bob dancing hickory, 1h03 Elizabeth light blue, Katherina ~10 yo beige, 1h12 Elizabeth raw denim, 1h59 Jim-Bob + Ben coveralls, Ep 18 2h59 sit hickory

Disc 6: Ep 19: Jim-Bob 11 min walking, 14 min sit, 17 Elizabeth sit, 19 min. standing Jim-Bob+Elizabeth, 21 sit, 31 hickory rear, 49 Elizabeth beige bibs on bed, 1h00, 1h20 Elizabeth raw denim rear, Ep 21: 1h31 undressing Jim-Bob and Ben (no bibs) showing underwear, 1h38 Elizabeth walking faded, 2h00 Jim-Bob undressing bibs (pajamas underneath), 2h02, 2h03 sit butt, ep 22: 2h30 sit standing up, 2h37 Jim-Bob rear hanky, 2h39 Elizabeth sit

Disc 7: Ep 24: 57 minutes, Jim-Bob kneeing at mine, ep 25: 1h36 other (non bibs ?), ep 26: 2h15 Jim-Bob + Elizabeth sitting rear, 2h24 fat Clarence, 2h41 Jim-Bob medium blue, Elizabeth raw denim, 2h44 fat Clarence











Also note my new pigtails blog including the Waltons.


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