The Waltons – Season 7

20 Jan

Seventh season. For whole series (rating 10/10) see very first post.
Year: 1978-1979
Year in film: ~1941
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Jim-Bob, Elizabeth and other girls, boys
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  9/10
Rating: *********
Comment: Jim-Bob ~15ys wears blue bibs and bibs with hickory stripes (only noticed at close up scenes), Elizabeth 12-13 ys blue bibs. Also a dancing scene with both (Ep 1/Germany 2 The Empty Nest, image on the left). Jim-Bob dressing on his bibs (bib down, hickory stripes) in ep. 19 (Germany 20) The Legacy. Elizabeth rarely wear bibs in the entire series. She turned 13 in epsiode 5 but continued wearing bibs. Also Elizabeth and Ben in light blue painting bibs. For images see post story 8, tag stories.

Non-Waltons in bibs:
Episode 2 (Germany Ep 3) The Calling: Girl friend of Jim-Bob Mary Frances ~15ys in dark blue non-jeans bibs with breasts. Climbing a tree. See separate post
Episode 8 (Germany Ep. 9) The Illusion: afro-american boy Josh Foster ~11 ys. wears medium blue bibs.
Episode 18 (Germany 19) The Attack: Fat boy Clarence ~9 ys riding in blue bibs (see image).

Episode 1: 34 minutes Jim-Bob hickory stripes on ladder,

Ep.2: 54 Elizabeth dancing, 1h07 Jim-Bob and Elizabeth, 1h12 Elizabeth on bed in bibs, 1h21 Elizabeth rear

Ep. 3: 1h43 other teen girl cotton bibs, 2h14 Jim-Bob sit hickory, 2h17 other teen girl, 2h36 Jim-Bob sit





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