The Waltons – Season 8

5 Mar

Eighth season. For whole series (rating 10/10) see very first post.
Year: 1979-1980
Year in film: 1943-1944
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys, girls ~6, 8ys, Erin 18 ys, Cindy  20s, men, women
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: very low
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: Of the Waltons only Erin (18), Cindy and toddler John-Curtis in bibs (very few and short scenes) and some boys and girls in 1 episode. Also some men and women.

I knew, that in later seasons there were less and less bib scenes, although I couldn’t find any of the older Walton members in bibs I bought this season. On the web I found before 2 young unknown boys in bibs. I also checked Waltons and pre-Waltons movies, but also no luck there. Although I’m a fan of the Waltons I first bought other DVDs. Most newer farm films are without bibs. Perhaps best years are the 1950s and 1960s.

Waltons in bibs/jeans:

(Ben in light blue coveralls , ep. 2)
(Mary-Ellen riding in tight, dark denim jeans (no bibs) ep 4)
(Jim-Bob in dark blue Levi’s 501 (no bibs) ep 3)
(Jeffrey ~8ys, grand cousin in olive and light blue Levi’s)
John-Curtis (son of Mary-Ellen) toddler in ep. 6 in blue shortalls.
Erin ~18ys buys dark blue denim bibs  ep.14 (pic see post Story 9, tag stories) first teen in bibs in this season and first Walton except the toddler. Ep 22 even better and longer scene with her in raw denim bibs. Also view of backside and sitting and else.
Cindy (wife of Ben) in medium blue bibs (front and back) ep 22 (image bottom right), very short scene.

Non Waltons in bibs:

First real bibs in ep 3 (man, very short scene)
first, good bibs in ep 4. Young man Sweet Billy in heavy worn stone washed bibs (suspenders).
Young woman in jeans bibs (suspenders) ep. 5
boy Charly 8 ys (pic top left with Olivia) first kid in bibs here (town kids), also girl and boy ~5ys ep.5 (pic top right with John Walton)
man in white painting bibs ep.5
3 women in blue and red bibs ep6
man in bibs, I think ep 18.
(2 teen boys in jeans (non bibs) ep 18 or 19.)
Young man in bibs ep. 23.
See also story 10 called Bibs for $ 1,79 – City man in bibs (ep 15).

Short talk of Olivia in ep 2 while Jason in soldiers uniform that he liked his boys in coveralls.

I am very disappointed of this season. Besides the very few bib scenes also most plots of the stories are weak, I think. None of the farm boys and young men at school wear bibs. Clothing and hair fashion looks more like the 70s/80s. I wonder why. Compare season 1 or even 7. Some new family members and relatives acting (also kids) but missing some others. I don’t want to tell the main plot here,  some few details are important for the complete Waltons story, but I don’t like it.  Either the fans wanted more or the company wanted to make even more money from it. There’s also a film special included with the best scenes and creator Earl Hamner and his (grown up) brothers and sisters who were the models for the Waltons and a short scene of (their) childhood (without bibs). I wonder what’s in season 9. But I don’t need it, perhaps very cheap or used.



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