31 Mar


TV Western series, 635 episodes in 20 seasons
Year: 1955-1975
Year in film: 1900s?
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boy Tuttle 11ys
Available on DVD: yes *
I own: no
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  9/10
Rating: *********
Comment: Clay O’Brien (pictured left, with film sister Patti Cohoon) shirtless and barefeet in light blue dirty bibs. Here double episode 564, 565 The River, 1972 (season 18 ep. 1, 2). I saw this series in my childhood and of course I don’t remember all 635 episodes or saw them all later. Available are only some few seasons (4 or 5 in b/w, and one box with some color episodes, not this one). Episodes are also broadcasted at online Western and retro channels. I found some episodes with kids, and at least one boy in brown bibs. The best and only episode with good jeans bibs I found is this. Half of the time the kids are on a raft, later with marshal James Arness, Jack Elam and a woman. In the middle they are in a Western city gambling and cheating. The boy is hit by a bullet and wears a bandage under his bibs. The bandage is tight and the woman shall loose it and open his bibs. And he smokes a pipe and vomits. Very good acting, looks a bit like Huck Finn. The bibs are a bit too small and short. I have to see more episodes, but I don’t think that there are better episodes, but perhaps some in bibs. O’Brien also starred the same year in the film The Cowboys and later in LHOTP (see that entries).

Update: 14 yo Lance Kerwin in medium brown bibs in s20e17 (rating 8-9), also another boys in s20e16, s17e3,s17e4, s16e16 and maybe more. Including Johnny Whitaker (last pic, rating 7) and Michael LeClair (see update 3/ Info 293) and this s20e16


Now completetly seen. Rather few scenes. Lance Kerwin in blue bibs in The Family Holvak (rating 10).


Update 2: Tag sitting (s18e1+s20e17). Not sure of the amount in s20 and not sure about other episodes.

Update 3: 3 more episodes. Also the complete series is available on DVD.


At least 2 young boys in beige and dark blue bibs in s18e9 (rating 3). Now also on my Western and pigtails blog.

One blonde boy in light grey bibs in s18e14 (rating 4).

12 or 13 yo blonde Willie Aames in beige bibs in s18e19 (rating 6)

15 or 16 yo blonde Vincent Van Patten wore 2 pairs of brown bibs at the same time in s19e4 (rating 7)

2 young boys ~8 yo, blue, brown bibs in s20e13 (rating 4).

A boy (Christopher Knight ?) in light blue cotton bibs in s14e10, rating 4.

7 yo Eric Shea in beige bibs in s14e14, rating 3

Blonde boy ~11 yo in brown bibs in s12e09, rating 5



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