Info 10: LHOTP girl in bibs

1 Apr

lhotpgirl-nLittle House on the Prairie - Season 4

Little House on the Prairie: Season 4, episode 14, The Rivals. Girl Seeley Ann Thumann as Samantha Higgins ~13 or 14 ys. (?) in good light blue bibs (pictured).
For the first time I noticed a girl in overalls in this series. Good blue bibs with real braces instead of buttons and back bib piece not the usual thin suspenders.
Edit: Also a good view of the back of this girl (not too thin, for those who like girls or bibs).

Also good plot. Laura Ingalls fell in love with a boy, but he first liked this boyish girl, who played baseball. Some funny and romantic scenes.

I discover more and more bibs in this series, much more than expected, but either the bibs are not of jeans fabric, have buttons or only suspenders. Or the teen boys are mostly shown in long hair and not very intelligent. If I find more good episodes, I should make separate entries of each season like The Waltons. LHOTP is set earlier than the 1930s Waltons and I only remembered these brown pants with suspenders and no girls in bibs. See also main entry of LHOTP and new entry of season 4 for more pics.




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