Story 4: Using bibs as towel

4 Apr

The Waltons, Season 5 , episode 9.
The Waltons want to eat outside in front of their house. Jim-Bob has dirty hands and goes inside for washing them. As he comes out, he cleans them at his (dirty) bibs on front and backside (pictured). Erin pokes fun at him and says “look at Jim-Bob he wipes his hands on his pants.” Jim-Bob: “I couldn’t find a towel. Mother Olivia looks unhappy.
Erin looked at his hands (or perhaps groin) while he sat down. I think, she rather liked him. Overalls are just pants here. No German dubbing for Erin’s words, as some seconds were removed from German broadcasting (for more commercials). Image showing from left: sisters Elizabeth, Erin and Jim-Bob.


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