Rupert Patterson Wants to be a Super Hero

5 Apr


TV children’s film with a 10 yo Super Hero
Year: 1997
Year in film: 1990s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boy, 3 girls 10yo, men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes
Bib occurence: medium-
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Sean Campbell (pictured left) as Super Hero in blue bibs, Melissa DiLuigi as Alley in blue jeans shortalls pictured right, later also in beige shortalls (see update). One fat and one normal weighted girl in shortalls.
I saw this film some years ago, but didn’t have a good recording and didn’t remembered it well. So I bought this DVD and watched it today. Main character in bibs only the last 15-20 minutes. Alley also in some few bib scenes at the beginning and end.
This is a good and entertaining kid’s film with some funny as well with some touching and scaring,horrorlike scenes (rated PG). Also some bullying and hitting in the groin (boy and man). 2 short cycling scenes by the girl, Rupert went swimming shirtless (without bibs), went into a creek in bibs, is grapped by a man at his suspenders and is being tied with a rope. Rupert also cycling but only in his black Super suit. He has freckles and blue eyes and looked like 7-8 ys. Although rather few bib scenes I rate 6-7. There is also a Canadian TV series called Super Rupert (2000, 6 episodes), starring Adam Butcher, but I haven’t seen any bib scenes there, yet but have to confirm that. No trailer available at YouTube for either film or series.

Sitting of boy, girl and men.





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