Info 15, Books 1: Soup

11 Apr

I also like books, so I start a new chapter and tag books.
I like real stories about farming and fiction as well. Especially childrens books with drawings.
I own some books of the series Soup by Robert Newton Peck. I think with some autobiographical parts, Vermont of the 1930s. Some good illustrations. Different illustrators in different editions for the same book. Soup and his friend nearly always pictured in bibs. In Soup for president there is a scene, where they paint the word Soup in bibs at a house. Some red paint got inside a sleeve of the shirt of one boy and under the belt in his underpants. It’s possible to wear bibs with a belt, but I think, that means, that they didn’t wear bibs. There is also 1 or 2 films of Soup and I think also without bibs. However good books.

I also own the more famous book of him, A Day No Pigs Would Die. At the beginning a boy helped a cow calfing with his pants. I understand, that he didn’t wear underpants while he undress and tied the pants at the calf. It’s not said, that they were bibs, but the boy is pictured in bibs on the book cover.

Update: I also bought “Soup Ahoy”. No bibs scenes in the text. Some illustrations (by Charles Robinson, who also did the book cover) showing both in bibs but not far as good as in the first book. One illustration of them skinny dipping (rear view). I don’t like at all this book. Some time later I bought Soup in the Saddle. Very good illustrations




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