De Tuin (Villa Achterwerk)

13 Apr


Belgian TV series inside Dutch matinee Villa Achterwerk. Unknown number of episodes
Year: ~1993
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Belgium
Who in bibs: boy Anton ~13 ys
Available on DVD: no
I own: no, party TV recording
Bib occurence: medium ?
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: A boy in light blue rare bibs (pictured). Zipper till neck. Perhaps these were coveralls with sleeves removed. Looks like thin (cotton) fabric. This seems to be a very rare and weird series. De Tuin (Dutch for The garden). Episode 4: Geesten (ghosts). I couldn’t find any infos on the web. Not on IMDb not on official Villa Achterwerk or other Dutch TV sites or Google. First I didn’t know if this is a short film or a series or an experimental film or a film made by kids or a documentary. I watched the presentation again on my tape, which was done by 2 kids (from Rotterdam? which were at the studio) and this is about kids living on a backyard without grown ups. Weird scenes, kids are playing. Have to take care about a baby, (dead) birds, one is playing piano, one girl is inside a small refrigerator which is also outside. An Asian boy is playing with a handheld and watching (or is this a remote for ghosts?). All this doesn’t make sense. I have to ask some Dutch people about this. Villa Achterwerk is a long running kids show on Sunday with Dutch and foreign series, films and other things. There are some DVDs but I don’t think that this is thereon. One episode is about 17 minutes. And I think that there are possibly 6 or even 12 episodes. About 12 kids, main character is a boy I think. Dutch Wikipedia leads to a different radio drama. If someone knows more about this series or names of actors or director or knows this bib style or has something else to say, please comment.

Edit: In the following slideshow there are some images to illustrate some scenes and actors of this show. The kid in black shirt who looked through the wooden hole is a boy (?) and may be the main character.

Edit 2: Now I have digitized the complete episode and watched it on TV. I’m not an language expert but I now think that this is a Belgian series or some kids are Belgian. And the kid in the black shirt is rather a boy. It’s possible according to the presentation, that there are on each episode different main actors and tells his adventure. This is about good and bad ghosts. I don’t understand everything but it looks still weird without a strict plot, except that this backyard is forbidden for grown ups. Some supernatural scenes with strange music (a cola bottle falls from a table, a girl is locked and the chain at the garden fence locks itself. The boy in bibs takes care of a dove, it died and the boy hits himself mutiple times on his cheeks while standing on a car. The boy at the piano sings a French song. It’s still unclear, if the kids were forced to act alone there and had to take care for the baby and bird. Aired ~1993, but could also be produces much earlier.

Images on Picasa can be zoomed, however resolution is smaller than original, used under Fair Use policy. Images c) VPRO.

Update: Confirmed Belgian. Slideshow from the previous Picasa albums don’t work anymore on Google+, so I made on here.


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