The Music Man (1962)

4 May


Musical film starring Robert Preston, 1 Oscar
Year: 1962
Year in film: 1912
Country: USA
Who in bibs: 3 boys ~ 11-14 ys, other men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes *
Bib occurence: low
Rating:  10/10
Rating: **********
Comment: 2 boys shirtless in light blue bibs (pic 1, I don’t know their names, perhaps uncredited) as well as one other older boy (image 2 at 9 minutes and below) and other men in bibs. Usually I don’t like musical films. But some songs are catchy tunes (even if only heard once) like “Wells Fargo Wagon” or the main song. I also like 7 yo Ron Howard as Winthrop here. Scene pictured left is short at running time 0:49 and the boys (twin brothers?) even also singing (4 words each). There was also a remake in 2003 starring Matthew Broderick (looking similar, so watch out), but I don’t know this 2003 version yet, but at least also with a man and a black teen boy in bibs. I don’t think, that this film is better than the original one, but also a boy singing “Wells Fargo Wagon” well. I generally like music and like both versions. I rate 10 for now due to good scenes and film. Some songs of first film are on YouTube, but not the left scene. Songs can be found with the song title, but many songs are from 2nd film or later plays and school productions. Wells Fargo Wagon is not complete on YouTube. Also some girls introducing this song (without bibs).

Update: Now I have finally bought this DVD. Also a lot of girls and women of all ages in sailor dresses (some with pigtails) and even Ron Howard in sailor suits which I haven’t noticed before (see my sailor suit blog, now rating there 9).

Music Man. UK 4:3 DVD below

DVD: I bought the UK DVD. Image quality is sufficient for me, but it has a cropped 4:3 aspect ratio (see pic) at least the lap of the right boy is shown briefly on another frames. And no DVD extras not even scene selections or other languages. There is also a RC1 special widescreen edition with 30 min making of and of course the Blu-ray with enhanced image quality (but I think same audio). Perhaps I also check that one at some time.

As already known rather few bib scenes, but I still like this movie. Perfect musical (maybe nothing for someone who prefer women in bibs and don’t like such old music). I considered change my rating to 8 or 9, but I leave it until I have checked the BD.
Pic below showing a scene from song “Wells Fargo Wagon” where Father and son running to it. Movie is 145 minutes long.

Update: Originally I considered also buying the 2003 version, but obviously few bib scenes and even fewer with sailor suits (rating 4 on my other blog). Same songs but completely different scenes. Winthrop is 10 yo there. Now also here, black, older teen boy rating 3.


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