Unknown 1: Boy? German series?

6 May


This is the first unknown image of a very short untitled VHS clip. If I remembererd correctly this was broadcasted on Dutch TV in ~1989/1990 (but also not sure, could be later overwritten, but fashion and hair fashion looks like early or mid 80s and fashion and trees could be German but also eg. British). I think there was a subtitle that the boy or someone else go to Berlin (to his parents?). So probably a German series (or film). I think this is a boy in dark blue bibs. Bibs are not perfect, so I rate 5 for now. Image can be zoomed a bit for better identification. Last time checking my tapes I had not much time, perhaps I could find more infos, but I think this was only few seconds. If someone knows this actor or title please comment.


I checked my old tape again, scene is 1-2 minutes. Language is British, so film or series of the UK (I assume a film). Still not sure if this is a boy. Voice is very high pitched, but I assume a young boy ~8-9 ys. Mother is obviously in Berlin and plot is about divorce? /custody of the kids. In one scene they wore carpets with a hole in it like Mexicans and under them pajamas. No names were called. Some more pics


Update 2: According to the shoes, it’s proabably a girl?


Found! Game, Set, and Match. Girl is Kisten Valder



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