Info 31: Coveralls

17 May

I always thought about it, if I should add the tag coveralls. But I don’t think that coveralls are real bibs. I made en exception for “De Tuin” as they are sleeveless and there was no info at all on the web. I have also listed coveralls where other bibs scenes are (Six Pack, The River and The Waltons (Season 8)).

Other good coveralls films/series are (not listing men and women)

-Professor Poopsnagle’s Steam Zeppelin (several boys and girls, see trailer)
-De Schippers van de Kameleon (teen boys, men, girl) and  Kameleon 2 (buttoned blue coveralls)
-Schloss Einstein (see Story 20) and ep. 486
-Charlotte’s Web
-The Waltons (season 8, Ben, see entry)
-Six Pack (1982, see entry)
-It Takes Two (1995) (boys+ girls+men)
-Safety Patrol
-How My Dad Killed Dracula (rating 3 for bibs, coveralls of a teen boy are much better)
-Iron Eagle IV (rating 3), (teen boy, women, men)
-Wind at My Back (season 2), boy, men, see entry
-Space Warriors (2013) boys+girls
-Stargate SG-1 (Cameron Bright, see entry)
-Home Improvement (men and women in blue NASA coveralls, also Tim and Al in working coveralls)
-Battlestar Galactica (1978) story silver coveralls + overalls
Ab in die Hölle (Extreme Brat Camp)
Chiquititas Brasil (1997) teen boy, man
-Schrott or not? (teen boys+girls)

(Professor Poopsnagle is one of my favourite Australian series next to Round the Twist. I also like both title songs.)

If I find other good coveralls films or series I will post them here or at a new info post. Could also be found via a blog search.


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