Info 35: Statistics 5: favorite girls, red hair, pigtails

25 May

Some Things That Stay

As promised a girls statistics. Because some with high ratings featured girls and boys and it might be unclear which rating is for what actor/actress.

My favourite girls in bibs:
-The Waltons – Season 1 (Mary-Ellen) , rating 10
-The Waltons – Season 7 (Elizabeth), rating 9
-LHOTP girl in bibs (Ep. 4.14), rating 9
-Some Things That Stay, rating 8 (pictured)
-The Enid Blyton Adventure Series, rating 8 (new)
-Neues vom Süderhof
-Shiloh (1998), rating 8 (new)
-Other Voices, Other Rooms, rating 8
-Love Lives On, rating 8
-Saved! (2004), rating 8 (new)
-The War Between Men and Women, rating 7
-Tirelire Combines & Cie
-Kidnapping Mom & Dad
-Carry Me Home ”
-The Last Frontier (1986) ”
-A Holiday to Remember
-The Last Great Ride
-The Summer of Walter Hacks
-The 12 Dogs of Christmas
-Swimming (2000)
-Perfect Game (2000), rating 7
-Elisa antes del fin del mundo, rating 7 (new)
-Les Aventures de la courte échelle, rating 7 (new)
-Anderland, rating 7 (new)
-The Man Without a Face (1993), rating 7 (new)
-Kidcop, rating 7
-Freaky Friday (1995), rating 7 (new)

-Toothless, rating 6
-A Father’s Choice, ”
-The Baby-Sitters Club
-Mama ist unmöglich
-Camp Nowhere
-Waking Up Horton
-The Right Connections
-Friendship’s Field ”
-Run in the Wild Fields
-Square Dance
-Waking Up Horton, rating 6
-Durango Kids, rating 5
-The Colony
-Fly Away Home
-Virginia’s Run
-Treasure of Pirate’s Point
-Ready or Not
-True Heart
-Lassie (1997), rating 5

Womens I like

-A Country Practice, rating 8
-Love Lives On, rating 8
-Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction s2e2, rating 8
-Dahoam is Dahoam, rating 7
-Swimming (2000), rating 7
-Cord (2000), rating 7
-Die Stein, rating 7
-McLeod’s Daughters, rating 7 (new)
-Around the Fire, rating 7 (new)
-Walking and Talking, rating 6
-Flowers for Algernon (2000), rating 5

Best voted by readers (which I noticed):
-Family (McNichol), perfect 4x
-Wee Sing, perfext 3xperfect+3xOK+ 1x dislike (not sure if for boys or girls)

-A Father’s Choice, Durango Kids, True Heart. Flowers for Algernon, Disappearance, Bandits (Boy), Wildflower. perfect 2x
-Bye Bye Love (1995), 36 fillette, Mama ist unmöglich, Info 120 (The Lost Treasure of Sawtooth Island), Simon les nuages, The Kids Who Knew Too Much, To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday, Der Bergdoktor 1x perfect

-Lloyd, Toothless, Her Desperate Choice, The Baby-Sitters Club, Corrina, Corrina, Bushwhacked, Dancing on the Moon, Hideaway, The Echo of Thunder, Wee Sing OK 2x
(possibly also the most viewed posts LHOTP girls in bibs, 7th Heaven, Some Things That Stay)

Girls with pigtails:
A Father’s Choice, Come Next Spring, Treasure of Pirate’s point, LHOTP (season 4), Lloyd, Adventures of Ociee Nash, Hotel for Dogs, Clubhouse Detectives, Some Things That Stay, Bushwhacked (1995), True Heart, Frankie & Hazel, Jumanji, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Shoot the Moon (tag stories), Schloss Einstein, Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega, Kidsongs, Artificial Intelligence: AI, The Southerner (b/w), The Summer of Walter Hacks (b/w 2009), Papa’s Angels, Gypsy Colt, The Wonder Years, Secret of Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House, Double Act (2002), The 12 Dogs of Christmas, Temple Grandin.

Girls with red hair:
The Waltons (Elizabeth, Erin), Treasure of Pirate’s Point, Lloyd, Other Voices,Other Rooms, Swimming (2000), Double Act (2002), Small Wonder (1985).

Tomboys: See Story 23, List 7.

This entry will be updated regularly (about once a month).

I think after new new Blogger UI the voting reactions had been set to 0. So add the above to the actual ones.

Also see the females page (including pics), list and story entries.


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