Info 40: more historic images, girls, NCLC

28 May
FSA 8c01203, NCLC 00554, FSA 8c02486, 8b15320

I searched another 10.000s of FSA images and also found girls, women and even shortalls and also smiling people. I now have checked 85.000 images (thats half of FSA). I’ve also started a NCLC album (National Child Labour Collection) and there are also farm work and many girls, (but I don’t know if in bibs). There are so many bib images so I can only upload the very best. But I’m listing other image numbers, so someone can search on I also won’t  do other posts here unless I’m finished or find extremely good images. You can always check my picasa albums. See also previous info posts.

NCLC Album


Other good images+ neighboring # (all FSA):
8c35229 (kids), 8b22036 (family incl woman), 8b20145 (boys), 8b17750 (boy), 8b38833 (boy), 8b34762 (woman), 8b34177 (boy), 8b32913 (woman), 8b22377 (family incl. woman), 8b21450 (family incl woman), 8b19990 (girl), 8b35228 (boy), 8b35059 (kids), 8b34759 (girl), 8b34089 (girl, cuffed up bibs).


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