Info 58: Statistics 7: List 6: Favourite boys , shortalls etc.

4 Jul

After adding many films with girls and creating a list of my favourite girls (info 35/ tag list) I’ve now also created a list with boys. Eg. if someone looks for a boy in shortalls and doesn’t want to flip all entries with shortalls and girls.
Perhaps I will make also a list for young men and women, if there are enough entries.

My favourite boys in bibs (mostly farm content):
-Honkytonk Man (Kyle Eastwood), rating 10
-The Sugar Creek Gang (Kody Brown), ”
-Robbers, Rooftops and Witches (Stephen Mailer)
-The Waltons, Season 4 (Jim-Bob, Jason, Tom)
-The Dinosaur Hunter (Bill Switzer)
-The Family Holvak (Lance Kerwin)
-The Music Man (1962) unknown,
-De rode zwaan (Rufus Heikens), ”
-Papa Was a Preacher (several), rating 9
-To Kill A Mockingbird (Phillip Alford)
-Gunsmoke (Clay O’Brien)
-Rana: The Legend of Shadow Lake (Brad Ellingson)
-Auweia! (Cedric)
-Schloss Einstein (ep. 693, see Info 124)
-The Runaway (2000) (Cody Newton), rating 8
-Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Andrew Henry)
-Ein Richter zum Küssen (Benjamin Spiehs), ”
-Where the Red Fern Grows (2003) (Joseph Ashton)
-Secondhand Lions (Haley Joel Osment)
-Family Tree (Tyler Hoechlin)
-Home Run for Rusty
-Running Wild (1998) (Cody Jones)
-A Rural Community: Holtville, Alabama
-A Painted House (several)
-Carry Me Home (Nicholas Braun), rating 7
-Huck & the King of Hearts (Chauncey Leopardi) ”
-The Enid Blyton Secret Series (Tom Pizey) ”

Best voted by readers (which I noticed):
-3x perfect, 3xOK, 1x dislike Wee Sing (not sure if for boys or girls)

-2x perfect (Bandits), 3x Mystic Nights and Pirate Fights, 1x Mama ist unmöglich (not sure if for the boy or girl), 1x The Attic Door, 1x Info 122 (Places in the Heart), Piranha (1978). 2x OK Dennis the Menace, 2 x Neues vom Süderhof (boys+girls). 1x OK Wind at My Back, Go Toward the Light.
1x dislike Dennis the Menace.

Boys in shortalls:
Unternehmen Jocotobi, Dennis the Menace, Ein Richter zum Küssen, Neues vom Süderhof, Nanny McPhee, The Girl Next Door (2007), Jack the Bear, Kinderstunksitzung, Wee Sing, Anibal (2000), Tri karte za Holivud, Paris, Texas (?), Slaughter of the Innocents, 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain.

Boys cycling: Huck & the King of Hearts, Rascal, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, Wind at My Back, The Summer of Walter Hacks

Boys in very baggy bibs: Huck & the King of Hearts, Carry Me Home, The Enid Blyton Secret Series.

Other topics like fat, shirtless, smoking, drinking, peeing, spanking or else can be found via a blog search.

This list will be updated regularly as new content appears. About once a month.

I think voting reactions had been set to 0 after new Blogger UI.


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