Story 22: Pigtails – LHOTP -etc

12 Jul

This is not directly bib related but partly. Some clichés:
farm girl = pigtails?
farm boy = bib overalls?
girl in bibs = tomboy?
little girl = pigtails
toddler = bibs
boy with pigtails = ? (are there any?, except Obelix)

I like girls with pigtails and the first girl who I associate with pigtails is Laura Ingalls. (pictured on top with blond Olga in ep. 1.7). There also at least 2 other girls (1 also blond, 1 medium blond). Also in this series showing braiding and unbraiding pigtails and boys pulling at them. I wonder how many girls have/had pigtails and if they like to be pulled at them. (Pic below showing LHOTP ep 9.12) Some scenes looks quite silly like wearing those poke bonnets and nightcaps. I also have a particular smell in mind seeing those farm films (farm smell) see also info 51 also tagged books for smell of starched dresses and smell of bibs.

Some of my favorite films are with pigtails, 2 entries of new films will follow shortly, by the way one with rating 10!

See also LHOTP entries, other story entries and list 5 for girls in bibs with pigtails.

Another interesting film is “Matilda”. A young girl is thrown through the air at her pigtails. Bib scenes, but not with this girl (see entry). Pigtail pulling (gently) also in “De rode zwaan” rating 10.

For other movies with pigtails use the blog search or this list. Also check out my pigtails blog.





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