Story 23: Tomboys (=girls)

13 Jul

Some call all girls in bibs “tomboys” but the first real tomboy I realised was Dalene Irvine as Maisey (pictured, also wrongly spelled Maisy at DVD back cover) in Canadian TV series “Wind at My Back”, here in ep. 29 of season 3. Short brown hair, being in a boys’ gang and wearing a cap. First I was not sure if she is a boy. On the left Tyrone Savage as Fat and this scene is about daring to jump off a bridge. Also other scenes at least in ep. 33 and 28. I’ve started to watching again my seasons I own (1 and 3) and perhaps later add other story entries, but this will take a while. Maisy is not acting in season 1 and I don’t know the 3 other seasons and the film.
She doesn’t like dresses, but wears them if she had to (at school). Bibs in ep 28 are another pair and a shade lighter. See also main entry of Wind at My Back which is set in the 1930s.

Other films and series about explicit tomboys are:
-Little House on the Prairie (ep 4.14 only)
-The Waltons (Mary-Ellen)
-Carry Me Home (2004)
-Other Voices, Other Rooms
-The Red Hand Gang
-Friendship’s Field
-The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)
-Swimming (2000)
-The Hanging Garden (I even first thought it’s a boy)
-My Louisiana Sky
-Annie (1999)
(-Kelly (1981))
(-The Little Rascals Save the Day)


Maybe not explicit tomboy but short haired and good movie

-Kidnapping Mom & Dad (rating 7-8, girl ~13 or 14)


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