When Every Day Was the Fourth of July

28 Jul


TV drama starring Dean Jones
Year: 1978
Year in film: 1937
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Sarah ~12 ys
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: Katy Kurtzman in blue bibs (pictured). I don’t know this complete movie, but it’s quite interesting but assume few but good bib scenes. Main character is her 12 yo film brother Chris Petersen (see LHOTP season 4 with the only girl in bibs). There is a sequel called “The Long Days of Summer” (see that entry, with a teen boy in bibs and also a girl, rating 6). Kurtzman was 12 or 13 in 1978 but played a 9 year old. She also appeared in LHOTP and Dynasty. Film directed by Dan Curtis (Dracula (1973), Burnt Offerings). Good film with setting and clothes of the 1930s, but for bib scenes only rating 6 for now. I have to check the complete both films. Also a good cycling scene with bibs and falling off from the bike.

A sequel movie, rating 6 f/m:




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