Book 15: Pam Conrad: My Daniel

8 Jan

After reading 2 books without overalls scenes, and not finding better one’s, I’ve bought this book which was the source for the movie “The Dinosaur Hunter” (2000), rating 10, see that entry, teen boy, girl.


I couldn’t find a text preview and the girl on the cover also doesn’t wear bibs, so I wasn’t sure if the text contains bib scenes. (Other books depicting bibs on the cover and not containing any words about them.)

Luckily I found yesterday the 1st bib scene on page 31.

Her oversized bibs are from her brother Daniel which are too small for him.
(In the movie they are even much bigger and baggier.)
It’s described how he was putting the bibs on her, while kneeling in front of her and rolling up the legs of the bibs. (Maybe she is much younger or smaller than he is in contrary to the movie).
Quite good scene which is not in the movie. I also didn’t remember that he died at age 16. I have to compare the novel and the film after reading.

Pam Conrad: My Daniel. Published 1989. 137 pages (paperback 1st ed.)

Next overalls scenes page 58 (his overalls hanging from the roof)
Page 114, 115 (brother is already dead) but she remembered him (and the scene on page 31) as she woke up and putting on her bib.

Finished. No more bib scenes. Poor book. I can’t find most of the scenes of the movie but I will compare it and watch it again. Maybe I have to read this book again.


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