Story 29: Waltons 3 on 1 horse

2 Feb

This is my favourite riding scene in The Waltons and also one of my favourite riding scenes of all movies.
Pic showing Elizabeth (left), Jim-Bob (in bibs) and Jim-Bob’s girl friend (who mounted the horse later) in ep. 5.7.
Is there anybody who don’t know/don’t own this DVD?

Looks very funny and he also arranged/dragged her a bit and he also had to hold to her. Lucky Jim-Bob between 2 girls. Maybe they all enjoyed that scene. I wonder how often they repeated this scene. Probably he would enjoy this more without his little sister and without the camera team.

Also in series 5 a boy and a girl on 1 horse (boy in beige bibs mounting and dismounting the horse). Pic at the series entry (rating 10)


Mary Ellen riding in other seasons (see The Waltons or tag riding). There are even better seasons of the Waltons, also rated 10 (like season 4).

3 boys on a horse in the western “Last Train From Gun Hill”, but few scenes (rating 6).

Update: A slightly different pic of Jim-Bob laughing


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