The Mortician (2011)

22 Mar


3D Thriller starring Method Man
-Year: 2011
-Year in film: 2000s ?
-Country: UK
-Who in bibs: Kane ~12, teen girl
-Available on DVD: yes
-I own: yes, 3D BD
-Bib occurence: very low
-Rating:  5/10 *
-Rating: *****
-Comment: Cruz Santiago (pictured) in light brown bibs with black straps (short scene at the end of the movie). And a black teen girl, as I remember it correctly also one short scene in blue bibs as a dead body on the street.

As announced this entry. A very good movie, not just because of it’s 3D effects. I like this ghettolike setting, the plot and the actors. I expect a bit more, but this is not a horror film. One short extremely violent scene (rated R) and even some touching scenes. Very good acting of the boy. Also showing shirtless in board shorts (but not good 3D effects, also not of the bibs and other pants). The German dubbing of the boy is even better (more like a teen). I don’t want to say too much of this plot in case someone wants to see it. Bib scenes of the boy is quite boad. Showing completely, one scene in the distance. No really good scenes. The girl’s scene(s) I have to check again. But also not perfect.

I like this film. I would rate this ~7, but due to the very few bib scenes I can only rate her 5. Video embedding seems to work.



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