Books 16: Sugar Creek Gang

28 Mar

This is about the 36 books in this book series. The film series (5 films) is my favourite series (rating 10) next to The Waltons. I previously owned some of the books (in different languages) but didn’t notice bib scenes there and have to reread them. As I was searching for new good farm and bib books (long time no book entry here), I noticed that about half of the books describing some partly good scenes.

There is one book “The Green Tent Mystery” with a woman in bibs, even depicting one one the cover and 7x the word overalls. No film with that plot nor other women or girls in bibs (just a girl in tight regular jeans).

I wonder why no other book cover depicting the boys in bibs although descibed them wearing bibs and doing farm work in the 1940s. In some older editions there are some illustration inside (also no bibs seen yet).

Most of the bib scenes are describing that they wore their bibs with the legs rolled up (to their knees). And that they should keep their (raw) denim bibs clean and dry (probably this is because of the Christian topic; also compare this to the clean and white sailor suits on my other blog). Of course they often get wet (and dirty).

Books with the most overalls occurence are “The Bull Fighter” 12x, The Swamp Robber (8), The Blue Cow (9) and The Green Tent (7, woman). Only one but good in Secret Hideout, which is also my favourite film.

In “Locked In the Attic” Dragonfly’s parents want that he is dressed like a Cowboy. Bill would also like that, but his parents insist that he wears overalls, being barefoot and so can’t go outside. The films and characters therein are a bit different and some plot of several books were put together. The films showing lots of bib scenes but not talking about them.

You can find books with bib scenes by using the look inside function at Amazon. At non-US Amazon sites you can’t search anymore or only show few Kindle parts. No text on Google Books. If I find some good scenes I will add them here. (Will take some time).

Update: I have completely read The Secret Hideout. One scene about Little Jim in his new clean denim bibs on page 11 and another one grapping the straps on page 51. The plot is very similar to the movie. However the characters are a lot different. Circus is boy in the books and Dragonfly has a crooked nose and big dark eyes. Tom Till has red hair. Would be very funny but I like the actors as they are.


Update 2: Good bibs scenes in book#2 The Killer Bear. Hot day, barefoot, rolled up legs, ready for swim. I don’t own it yet and just read the preview.




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