Books 17: Several vintage books w. bib overalls. boy/girl

18 Apr

Some vintage (children’s) books featuring bib overalls. Mostly set in the 1900s. For Lederhosen and sailor suit books see my other blog. See also the tag books.

Note that I don’t know these books and don’t know if they contain illustrations or clothing related texts (except noted). Some look quite interesting. But I have enough other books to read.

Usually I searched for history books containing photos. I hope that this will be useful for someone. Note that the covers may vary and often only depicting bibs in the early editions. Also later or foreign editions may not have illustrations.

(set in 1900s unless noted)
William Durbin: Song of Sampo Lake (no illustr?) Farm content, Finnish immigrants (US)
Bertha Clark: Belle River Friends in Wings and Feathers (8) color illustrations. publ. 1928
Ann Turner: Dust for Dinner (I can Read series, Age 4+) big color illustr., few text
Lois Lowry: The Silent Boy (3x word overalls) b&w photos, also sailor suit
Jeannette Walls: Half Broke Horses (girl or/and boy with long hair?) b&w photos, bibs? (2x word overalls) true story

Doris Gates: Blue Willow (Newbery Award, Age 8+) (4x word overalls) b&w illustr., different covers
Jeannette Walls: Half Broke Horses (girl or/and boy with long hair?) b&w photos, bibs? (2x word overalls) true story
Elizabeth McDavid Jones: The Night Flyers (1x word overalls), set 1918. b&w photos, also sailor dress.
Eva-Maria Kochanke: Annegret im Sommerwind (1950s) unknown if illustr.
Gerda Radtke: Kleine Kim aus Kanada (1950s) yellow bibs, unknown if illustr.

Pic showing the last 2 books of the publisher Schneider (1st edition). These books from that publisher were probably one of the most famous books in Germany especially from the 1950s-1970s. Famous book series like Enid Blyton’s “Hanni und Nanni” (St. Clare’s). Probably most kids who read in those time were girls anyway. Usually boys don’t read. I found I think 2 books with boys in bibs on the cover but one boy was very young and another boy wore painting bibs. I forgot the titles.


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