Dallas (1978)

10 Jun


TV series, 14 seasons starring Larry Hagman
Year: 1978-1991
Year in film: 1991
Country: USA
Who in bibs: John Ross jr. ~14, girl 10, woman, toddler
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating:  7/10 *
Rating: *******
Comment: 14 or 15 yo Omri Katz (pictured) in olive bibs (or maybe shortalls, this position only). At least in s14e16. And light blue bibs (one suspender down, also showing from behind in ep. s14e18). Some riding scenes in the same episode also Joshua Harris and some men riding, but not in bibs. Also perfect shirtless swim short scenes (of both boys), Omri Katz in light purple swim shorts, would be rating 10 if I had a shiny shorts blog. Mabye some more actors or bib scenes in earlier seasons or episodes. Also a toddler in blue bibs, I think ep s14e17.

I recently bought this last season of this famous classic series. I still haven’t checked all episodes as I’m watching this at standard speed, so it will take some days. I like farm and ranch settings (“Southfork Ranch”), however many scenes are quite boring showing grown-ups only. This season started with a kidnapping in France, so few ranch scenes. Also some teen boys cycling in black tights, but this scenes are not perfect either.

I think I don’t have to tell much more about this series and no need for trailers. Soap Opera Digest Award for Omri and 3 nominations for a Young Artist Award. The series won a Golden Globe and several other awards. He even occured in many episodes starting in 1983. I only remembered Joshua Harris as a kid.

DVD: I own the RC2 German DVD, German and English language, also subtitles, some scenes which hadn’t been aired in Germany are in English. The image quality in some scenes, especially the faces (also of the swim short scenes) is partly a bit bad, not sure if also on NTSC discs. I wonder why on a 1991 production.

Maybe I will also buy some previous seasons as they are not very expensive.

Rating 6-7 for now (7 means I would buy a DVD) although I don’t know of any other bib scenes (in this season) than pictured yet. But I bet there are some more good ranch scenes in this series. I have seen this series in the 80s, but can’t remember all episodes. If anybody knows of some other bib scenes in earlier seasons, please comment.

Update: Now I also bought season 13. No bibs scenes except for few and short scenes of men (oil workers). Some good scenes of Katz and Harris in regular jeans and shorts, one short riding scene of Harris. Also Kimberly Foster in jeans and a red sailor collar (see my other blog, rating 2). About 1 hour can’t be watched (different players + PC).

Update: 10 yo Kellie Martin in white bibs in s9e27 (rating 3). I also have an entry on my western and bedroom blog. Update 2: Charlene Tilton in s2e24, rating 4.




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