7th Heaven – S3e9

7 Jul

Jessica Biel as 16 yo Mary in quite baggy blue bibs (short scene also running away, showing from behind) and a 16 yo pregnant teen girl (I don’t her name, uncredited on IMDb) in wine-red bibs (rose straps hidden by her hair in this scene, 2 short scenes not showing her back, also dancing with the other pregnant girl and the pregnant Camden mom). Also a close up scene of 15 yo Lucy’s back (regular jeans) given a piggyback. S3e9.

Fewer and fewer bib scenes in this 3rd season. Mainly supporting (and pregnant) actresses.

Not sure if I should add one of these on my season 3 entry. I already have Mary in bibs and a pregnant supporting actress is also nothing special. Maybe there will be some better scenes later.

No bib scenes in ep 6, 7 ,8 and 10 of season 3. Season 3 is a Christmas episode where Simon gave Ruthie his pajamas as present. But there are better episodes.

Maybe I should make a list of pregnant teen girls and young woman in bibs.

Coming next a rating 8 entry of a movie with a boy.


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