Flußfahrt mit Huhn

30 Aug


Kids film
Year: 1984
Year in film: 1980s
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: Johanna ~11, boy Alex ~6 (?)
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low (?)
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: Julia Martinek (pictured) in hickory striped bibs. Also Fedor Hoppe in blue shortalls and I think also a man in blue bibs.

Another one from Felix dungareemovies blog. Thanks. I think I have seen this movie but long time ago. Famous and successful movie but I think I don’t like it. And I wonder why Felix gave a very high rating of 7 (and not even mentioned the boy).

Also some more older boy actors, but obviously none in bibs. I also don’t like hickory striped bibs (on girls). I have to check this again the next broadcasting. I remember a movie with a young boy in blue lycra shorts, but not sure if this is it. The only famous actor I know is Andreas Mannkopff. Also starring  David Hoppe, obviously the brother of Fedor.

First I considered rating 2-3 but now 3-4 (for bib scenes) movie might be better but probably not more than 5-6. Currently completely on YouTube but no preview pics yet and I don’t have the time to watch it completely and will check it the next broadcasting.

Update: A bit more scenes than assumed but mainly of the girl. Also sitting. Some more pics



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