Story 38: Headstand in bibs (Waltons)

21 Sep

My favourite TV series (m/f) and I think my favourite female in bibs (but maybe I have to recheck my other, especially newer entries). Mary-Ellen doing a headstand in the garden in stone washed bibs in s1e5 (pictured). When she rolled back, there is a very good close-up view of her bottom. (I don’t want to show it here.) Then she headed to her mom (I think hopping and sitting, pictured in the previous 1000th post). The 1st season is my favourite (concerning Mary-Ellen), the others (especially Elizabeth and Jim-Bob are too young here, except Jason). Mary-Ellen is I think 13 yo here (looks older). Good plots and she tried a dress that her friend admired but turned back to bibs. Quite tomboyish. There are also other non-Waltons in bibs.




and some separate story entries and the other seasons.

The Waltons was also the reason for this blog and my first entry. I like authentic farm movies and series. And here you have a huge family showing during 9 years. I’m still missing the final 9th season. Anyone knows some good bibs scene in there?

Sometimes I watch some parts of the Waltons but don’t have the time to watch all episodes completely. I think my favourite actor in bibs is Jason. I think nearly always wearing the same pair. Jim-Bob is tall and very thin in later seasons, same is Elizabeth.

Another movie with a 12 yo girl making a headstand (in shortalls) is Tsatsiki, farsan och olivkriget (rating 5). Also very good Kindsongs TV Show (boy+girl, shortalls).


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