Info 179: Update Gunsmoke

2 Oct

~14 yo Lance Kerwin in medium brown bibs as Tommy. Not sure about the episode pictured, but must be the 1975 ep. s20e17 “The Fires of Ignorance”. Is there any other episode with him?  I already have an entry about Gunsmoke (starring Clay O’Brien in light blue bibs in season 18, rating 9) and I also have an entry starring Lance Kerwin (The Family Holvak (rating 10, jeans bibs)).

More and more seasons had been released (season 7 coming soon.) I’m waiting for the later seasons which I will probably buy.

I prefer jeans bibs but Lance Kerwin is a very handsome child actor (and blue jeans bibs are very rare in 1900s Western movies and series). He also appeared in LHOTP and some late 70s/early 80s ABC Afterschool Specials and similar series which more episodes in bibs (I think not Kerwin, see also my rare list and Robbers, Rooftops and Witches (CBS Library) , rating 10).

The clip “Spanking in Gunsmoke” where this pic is from had already been deleted on YouTube. No real spanking was shown. There is also a boy in brown bibs in ep s20e16.

At least rating 8-9 for s20e17, rating 6-7 for s20e16. But I have to check more episodes of this series. (No more new infos/pics at the main entry yet).




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