List 16: Most baggy bibs

13 Oct

This is a list of actors/actresses in most baggy bibs in movies. I also have the tag baggy, but this is a better overview of the most baggiest ones and my favourite ones. In fact, I don’t like too baggy bibs. Please note the infos below. Most baggiest ones on top.

Dinosaur Hunter (rating 10, Alison Pill)

Huck & the King of Hearts (rating 7, Chauncey Leopardi)

Sugar Creek Gang #5 (rating 10, Josh Garmon)

Family Tree (1999), rating 8 Tyler Hoechlin

Ready or Not (rating 5, Lani Billard)

The Enid Blyton Secret Series (rating 7, Tom Pizey)

Some Things That Stay (rating 8, Katie Boland)

Where the Red Fern Grows (2003), rating 8, Joseph Ashton

All the Kind Strangers (rating 7, Robby Benson)

7th Heaven S2e8 (rating 7, Jessica Biel)

True Heart (rating 5, Kirsten Dunst)

Also very baggy “Laura und Luis” (overweighted teen boy, rating 2  maybe place 4, but often a sweater bound on his hips)

Click on the pics to directly go the movie’s entry.

Please note the following:

Most bibs are quite baggy, so I tried to take just the most baggiest ones (like the tags). Some actors are also just too thin or wearing oversized bibs. Sometimes there are more than 1 actor in bibs or an actor wears more than one pair of bibs. Also the pics not neccessarily showing the best scenes. For more details also see the main entries. Also note that I don’t know all movies completely in this blog.

Coming soon the most tight bibs. See also the other lists.

Dinosaur Hunter: Rating 10 is for Bill Switzer wearing different bibs. Also riding scenes and wet/dirty scenes. Huck & the King of Hearts: also perfect scenes sitting and cycling. Sugar Creek Gang: Note that there are 5 movies and there are some more actors (rating for younger Kody Brown). Josh Garmon also wearing baggy light blue bibs. Also many wet scenes and shirtless scenes. Family Tree: Few scenes, also perfect raw denim bibs. Ready or Not: Sadly I don’t know all episodes.  The Enid Blyton Secret Series: Few scenes and also girls in bibs (young girls, not baggy). Some Things That Stay: Also boys in bibs but not baggy. Note that she wears bibs from a dead teen boy. Where The Red Fern Grows (2003): Newly tagged baggy, also other actors, I will check that again. All the Kind Strangers: Have to recheck. 7th Heaven: Black bibs shown briefly completely in this episode. Series is still running and I will update this and add other long series like The Waltons). True Heart: Have to recheck. But also good other scenes like riding.

Like other lists I will also update this list. See also List of tight bibs.

Please comment if you have any suggestions or corrections.

Update: Thanks for the suggestion of “House Party 3” (rating 2). Very baggy bibs (older teen boys), but hip hop fashion is always baggy, so I think that doesn’t count.

Also baggy: Freaky Friday (1995), hickory stripes, cycling.

Kidco, woman see story 92: Pillow under bibs

Big and Hairy, woman rating 2 (non jeans)


One Response to “List 16: Most baggy bibs”

  1. Dan November 21, 2012 at 12:04 am #

    Hey, just discovered this site. If you want to top the list, take a look at the 1994 movie House Party 3 staring Kid n Play. Towards the last quarter of the movie the music group Immature (known today as IMx) were wearing some really oversized baggy overalls. It just looked so cool on them. Take a look on Youtube for the movie.

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