List 17: bibs in rare colors

16 Oct

Barney & Friends s4e20

Schloss Einstein s15e5


Kidsongs: I Can Do It (Story 44)

Start Here! Adventures into Science

Caspar Meets Wendy

This is a complete list of actors in bibs that are not blue, black or brown.

orange: 7th heaven, Bug off, Schloss Einstein (boy) Barney & Friends, Jack (1996)

pink: Amityville Horror (2005), 7th Heaven, Enid Blyton Secret Series, Fly Away Home, Kinderen voor Kinderen, American Pie presents Band Camp, Dorothee, Immer Wirbel um Marie (skirtalls), Little Secrets (2001) Lucie, postrach ulice, Barney & Friends, New Swiss Family Robinson, Not Quite an Angel

purple: You’re Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Sleepover Party, 7th Heaven, Daddy’s Little Girls, Schloss Einstein

red: Bandits (boy), Barney & Friends, Caspar Meets Wendy, Corrina Corrina, Dennis the Menace, Oh God, Ein Richter zum küssen (boy, shortalls),Waltons, The Zack Files, CFF/CFTF, La Educacion de las hadas (boy), Schloss Einstein (boy), Spring Fling (shortalls) ,7th Heaven, Diff’rent Strokes, Heck’s Way Home (shortalls), Konrad aus der Konservenbüchse, Little Heroes (shortalls)

white: Freddy unter fremden Sternen, Waltons (boy), Coma, Bloody Birthday (boy)

green: Start Here! Adventures into Science, Wee Sing, Barney & Friends (boy), 7th Heaven (light turqouise), Murphy’s Romance (boy), Tierärztin Dr. Mertens, One Crazy Summer, Schloss Einstein (turquoise)

yellow: Schloss Einstein (supporting actor or actress)

colorful: Anna Schmidt & Oskar, Small Wonder, Kidsongs (shortalls + full length)

Sorry, that I didn’t linked to each entry. That’s too much work. I will update this list (hope to not forget it).

Non-blue bibs are often worn in the 90s by girls. Most different colors obviously in long series like 7th Heaven. Most colors are red and pink.

Also look at tags rare bibs and snow bibs and also check my other lists or do a blog search (like khaki or turqouise, black or beige bibs).

Coming next: tight bibs (though there aren’t many).


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