List 18: tight bibs in movies (f/m)

18 Oct


As announced after the most baggiest and rare colored  bibs now some/ the most tight bibs. I think tight bibs (in movies/feature films) are quite rare. Especially for boys and women. Maybe more often shown in East European movies (like other tight pants and shorts, also of boys). Other bibs are just too small or short. I have to check this again.

I also don’t like too tight bibs (but of course depends on the actor/actress). I think like very baggy bibs they are not comfortable especially for doing sports, riding, cycling and similar activities.It also would be funny to photoshop baggy bibs in tight bibs and vice versa, but I don’t have time for it and also has copyright issues. I did some photoshop on some PD pics, see the FSA picasa album.

Little Heroes 3

Jen si tak trochu písknout


Mr Selkie (CFF)

Disappearance (2002)

The Waltons s7e19 (also riding)

The Waltons S6e5 (new pic)


Superman II (1980)


Ich heirate eine Familie


Lilly Schönauer


Världens bästa Karlsson


La boum

Click on the pic to go to the movie’s entry.

Also tight shortalls or bibs:





Kinderen voor Kinderen (update 2) girl

Schloss Einstein ep 839 + (teen boy)

Sturm der Liebe (young woman, green bibs, rating 5)

Timber the Treasure Dog (girl ~12 rating 6)

Metal Mickey (teen girl, light blue bibs, rating 5)

Trapped (2008) girl shortalls, rating 4


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