List 19: sitting in bibs (f/m)

14 Nov


This is a list of my favourite movies /series / scenes /actors /actresses who are sitting in bibs (not including riding or cycling and only if the lap can be seen on not too far in the distance, also hunker down and standing up scenes). Many entries are identically to my favourite movies. I don’t want too much pics here, but I linked to the entries or pics. Please note the infos below.

(Teen) boys:

Robbers, Rooftops and Witches (rating 10) My TOP 3 movie, TOP 1 sitting + standing up. Honkytonk Man has good sitting scene (rear view) and one good scene while wood chopping

The Sugar Creek Gang (mainly Kody Brown, one pic, there are much better sitting scenes, I think the best sitting scenes are in film #5 , then #1. But all films are great. Rating 10 each.

The Waltons (Jason in early seasons ~1-4, pic Jason in s2e20), Jim-Bob in later seasons ~s4-7 (pic s4e10) there are even better episodes. One older teen in s2e18 (close-up of lap, unpictured, but pic of actor in s2), rating 10, for sitting 4-9

Huck & the King of Hearts (rating 7), very baggy bibs, also cycling. Also one perfect sitting scene (not shown)

Ein Richter zum Küssen (one short but perfect scene, rating 8)

To Kill A Mockingbird (boy+girl), rating 9 (for boy) in fact only one very good sitting scene, but also other interesting scenes (like close up rear view)

The Music Man (1962), 2 boys, 1 teen boy, short scenes, rating 10 (some catchy tunes and sailor suit scenes as well)

Murphy’s Romance (green/khaki bibs Corey Haim)

Where the Red Fern Grows (2003) (rating 8)

Secondhand Lions (rating 8) Haley Joel Osment, one very short sitting scene (rating 8 for other scenes)

Aweia! (rating 9),

Fortsetzung Folgt: David wird Schauspieler... (rating 5, tag firefighter)

To check: The Sun Comes Up (sadly not on DVD) rating 7+, Home Improvement (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) season 2 or 3, Wildflower (1991), older teen boy. + See updates below


The Waltons (Mary-Ellen mainly in s1, pic s1e5, also headstand in this ep.) often barefeet, season 2 sitting

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction s2e2 rating 8, pic4

The Enid Blyton Adventure Series rating 8

Wildflowers (1999) rating 6? No pic of sitting

A Country Practice (rating 8) No pic of sitting

Ready or Not (teen girl, baggy bibs) also shown at my most baggiest bibs

The Tony Danza Show (1997) (rating 5?) girl

Swimming (2000) (rating 7) tomboy

Friendship’s Field (rating 6) girl

Wildflower (rating 5)

The Baby-Sitters Club (1995) (teen girl, rating 6 shortalls)

The Last Frontier (1986) (rating 7) girl

Other Voices, Other Rooms (rating 8, teen girl, tomboy)

The Secret World of Alex Mack (rating 6, teen girl)

For all entries click on the tags sitting M/F. However many actors are very young and some films are b&w. Please note, that I don’t know all movies /all episodes completely and I don’t have pics of all sitting scenes in the entries. I prefer teen boys and some of my entries rated eg 4 might be 10 for others. Don’t hesitate to suggest movies by commenting.

Pics showing Jason Walton from s3e20 even standing up, Schuyler Fisk in The Baby-Sitters Club (1995) and Kate Maberly in Friendship’s Field.

Update: Adding tags sitting: LHOTP (s3, boy), 7th Heaven (girls), Papa Was a Preacher (teen boy, how could I miss this rating 9 film?), Raggedy Man (boy),  Good Old Boy: A Delta Boyhood (boy). Gunsmoke (rating 9).

Also see



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