List 20: In bibs on bed

7 Dec


I will create here a list of boys, girls, teens and women sitting or lying in bibs on or in beds. The first I found during research for my bedroom in movies blog (except the entries I already had) was of course “The Waltons”. The boys’ bedroom in s2e2. John-Boy (on left, but has a different room for his own), Jim-Bob and Jason. For more infos about other rooms (also of the girls) see my other blog. This list is still under construction.

A similar list is sitting in bibs.


Where the Red Fern grows (2003)


Clarissa Explains It All (rating 3)


7th Heaven S3e21

The Secret World of Alex Mack

The Secret World of Alex Mack, rating 6


Kidsongs “Billy’s Birthday” (Story 44)

Author! Author!

Author! Author! rating 7

There are some more scenes in “The Waltons” (like Elizabeth in s7e2) and “7th Heaven” Lucy/Mary (coming soon) and Gloria (1999).

To check: Where the Red Fern Grows (1974) (boy), The Education of Little Tree (boy), Home Improvement, all Enid Blyton series.

Update: Sitting and lying on bed in “Monster (2003)” (woman, rating 3).

Update 2: Second Noah (rating 5), girl. Chiquititas (1995) (rating 3, woman), Bad Boys (1983) rating 7 (boy), The Brothers Garcia (rating 4) boy.

Update 3: La boum (rating 4), teen girl.

Touched by an Angel (1994) teen girls , rating 4

Mary Ellen in The Waltons s1e14 lying on bed

3rd Rock from the Sun (rating 5, teen girl)

The Cider House Rules (rating 4, women)

Picket Fences (rating 6 boy)

Schloss Einstein, ep 880 (rating 6, teen boy, working bibs)

The Tony Danza Show (1997) (rating 5+) girl bibs+shortalls

Wildflowers (1999) (rating 7, young woman)

The Red Pony (1973) (teen boy, rating 6)

Jauche und Levkojen (boy, rating 7)

Double Act (2002) teen girls, twins rating 6

The Job (2003) woman rating 4-(5)

Love (2016) woman rating 4 (lying, light brown bibs)

Flash Forward (1996) teen girl, lying, blue bibs, rating 5

Bad Boys (1983) boy, lying, blue bibs, rating 7


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