List 21: Hallmark films

10 Jan


This is an incomplete list of known Hallmark (co)produced movies with overalls. (Under construction) Pic above showing the famous film “A Painted House” (rating 8, also others in bibs, novel by John Grisham). There are over 350 movies (HOF) and most of the older films are not available on DVD but occasionally aired on TV or the web. But most of the very early movies since 1951 probably don’t have bibs scenes. HOF means “Hall of Fame” series.

1985 Love is Never Silent (HOF) , boy, men, rating 3

1989 Home Fires Burning (1989) (HOF), boy, rating 6 blue bibs

1991 Sarah, Plain and Tall (HOF), boys, man, rating 5 brown bibs, (part 2=1993 Skylark, part 3= 1999 Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter’s End

1993 Skylark (HOF), boy, man, woman in beige/blue bibs, rating 3. (Sarah, Plain and Tall part 2, also see above)

1994 The Secret World of Alex Mack, girls, rating 6

1996 Deadly Web, boy, woman, rating 4

1997 Survival on the Mountain (1997) girl, rating 3

1997 A Christmas Memory , boy, girl, rating 4

1997 Journey of the Heart (1997) boy, woman, rating 5

1998 The Echo of Thunder (HOF), girls, rating 5

1998 The Sweetest Gift, boy, teen girl, rating 6

1999 Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter’s End (HOF), an older teen boy in brown bibs, rating 6 (see above for parts 1+2)

1999 Durango (HOF), no entry yet, unsure, maybe woman in bibs or pants with suspenders

1999 Not Quite an Angel , girl, woman, men, rating 4, Hallmark distrib.

2000 Runaway (2000) (HOF), boys, rating 8

2000 Christy: The Movie , boys, rating 3

2000 A Storm in Summer , boys, rating 2

2003 A Painted House (HOF) boys, men, rating 8 (pictured)

2003 Audrey’s Rain, girl, rating 5

2003 Love Comes Softly, girl, boys, rating 4 (series part 1, see 2004 and 2007), Hallmark distr., other parts unknown

2003 Plainsong (2004) (HOF) boys,men, girl,  rating 6

2004 Love’s Enduring Promiseboys,, rating 3  (film #2) Hallmark distr.

2004 A Place Called Home (2004), girl, rating 5

2007 The Valley of Light (HOF), boy, men, rating 7

2007 Love’s Unending Legacy, boys, rating 5 (distr. by Hallmark) 5th film “Love Comes Softly” series

2009 A Dog Named Christmas (HOF), no entry yet, at least a man in bibs (+this or the next film maybe teens /F/M)in snow bibs ?, probably not. I have checked most of it)

(2010 November Christmas (HOF), no entry yet, according a publicity pic a girl in blue skirtalls or jeans dress, I checked this movie but haven’t found scenes)

If you know more movies please comment! I mostly checked the HOF and existing movies.


The Valley of Light (2007)

A Place Called Home (2004)

A Place Called Home (2004)

Plainsong (2004)

Plainsong (2003/2004)


The Runaway (2000)


Survival on the Mountain (1997)

The Echo of Thunder

The Echo of Thunder, 1998


Home Fires Burning (1989)


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