Book 22: Taylor: Roll of Thunder (series)

21 Jan

I found this book series by Mildred D. Taylor by coincidence by searching for “new” farm books. There are in total 8 novels including short stories and prequels. The first real part of the trilogy is “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” which won a Newbery Medal. It’s about a black family mainly set in Mississippi of the 1930s. As the very first part “The Land” decribing mainly the life of the father many years earlier, I bought the last (1990) novel “The Road to Memphis” set in 1941. The main character is the black teen girl Cassie who has 3 brothers. Roll of Thunder, The Friendship and Song of the Trees showing boys and girls in bibs on the cover (some editions). In the book I bought there is also a white younger boy and 2 white boys who torture her black brother.

Some scenes reminds me of “The Waltons” but probably it’s just because the Waltons has so many different plots, including racism.

I have read 106 of 290 pages. Only 2 bibs scenes yet, but if it says “pants” it most likely means bibs. I think most or all are sharecroppers. The teen girl isn’t allowed to wear bibs, but she did at least at a hunt and God would accept it.

Page 7: A fat shirtless teen boy in very baggy bibs

Page 73: While hunting, a broken bone cuts through worn bibs

(Page 81 Cassie wearing a navy suit-like dress at a funeral)

Page 112 Clothing On Saturdays: Women in pieces of flour sacks, men in denim.

2nd half is very boring with some drama at the end. One of my worst books. I knew it is about racism but I expected more farm scenes. Maybe the first novels are better, though much younger girls and boys there.

Update: There’s also a 1978 movie (rating 4)


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