Book 24: Spencer’s Mountain

18 Feb

spencersmountain-bibs spencersmountain-bibs2

Earl Hamner Jr. (“The Waltons”): Spencer’s Mountain. Pics are from the 1963 movie starring Henry Fonda (bedroom blog rating 6. 9 kids, therof 5 boys. Some boys and some girls sharing one bed). I don’t know the complete movie, but there’s at least a man in bibs. Also looks like bibs on the clothesline, so also for my list Story 42: Laundry line.

I always considered buying a Walton’s novel. But there are mainly biographies (of Hamner, Ike Godsey and Erin) and some franchise books. So I bought Spencer’s Mountain (1961) which was inspiration for The Waltons and very similar. Partly same character names and similar plot. Unlike The Waltons which is set in the 1930s and 1940s, this movie is set in the 1960s.

I own an abridged German book which has some color illustrations by Noel Sickles. A man probably the dad Clay, a teen boy probably Clayboy (equals John-Boy) and one or 2 kids (young boy and perhaps the 2 yo female baby) in medium blue bibs.

I have only read some few parts and there are no detailed texts concerning bibs yet.

I’m currently reading a different book in between (but quickly), so I will update this later.

On the blog Your Old Pal, Jim (see my blog list) there is a b&w pic of young women in bibs of the 1920s.

Update: No real mentioning of bibs. At the end the Jewish girl friend of Clay-Boy was not wearing her faded “coveralls” as usual. Coveralls could mean overalls as Olivia called them in The Waltons.


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