L’instit (1993)

13 Jun

linstit-lamaindanslamain linstitfreresdesang

Drama movie series about a teacher
Year: 1993-2004
Year in film: 1990s/2000s
Country: France, SUI
Who in bibs: girls, boys ~ 9-12
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: At least 24 girls (in 17 episodes) and at least 11 boys (in 10 episodes) in different movies. Starring Gérard Klein as teacher (pic 3 on left).

Iliana Coffin (first pic) in ep. “La main dans la main” (s7e4). A boy (Axel Moine ?) in “Frères de sang” s4e5 (1997) and a 9 yo girl in “Aurélie” (2001) pic 3 (s7e3, wet scenes).

I watched this famous series in the late 90s or early 2000s but I didn’t pay much attention to bibs then.

Good series with some handsome French actors at school often dealing with problem kids. Lots of dramatic scenes and interesting plots. 46 epsiodes each movie length. I remember often a rural setting but very few real farm content.

Rating 6-7. Also on my bedroom blog (rating 6).

Separate entries and pics: chronological order of posting, blue=boy, klick on episode#

s8e2 (12 yo Tom in brown bibs, man (farm content), rating 6)

s2e1 (girl 11, medium blue shortalls rating 5)

s5e8 (2 boys and 2 girls, rating 6)

s3e3 (boy in stone washed blue bibs, few scenes rating 4)

s7e1  (handsome girl with pigtails roller skating rating 6)

s5e7 (5 kids, maybe 1 boy in orange bibs, rating 6)

S5e5 (girl 8, woman in orange bibs) rating 5

S1e1 (boy 9, white/red striped shortalls) rating 4

S2e2 (girl 11, light blue bibs) rating 3

S3e5 (boys+girls snow bibs, girl blue bibs) rating 3

S8e1 (boy sleeveless shirt) rating 5

S6e4 (girl in blue bibs, woman in beige bibs) rating 3

S3e6 (boy in beige bibs) rating 4

S4e1 (3 girls shortalls, 3/4th length) rating 5

s7e3 (girl 9 blue bibs, wet) rating 5, see pic below

s4e3 (girl 10, light blue bibs or similar with rare straps) rating 4

s6e3 (boy 12 blue bibs, but shirt over them) rating 4

s4e8 (girl ~11 light grey bibs) very few scenes rating 4

s4e5 (boy ~10 blue bibs high position), pic 2 rating 6-7

s6e1 (girls ~10 faded blue bibs) rating 3

s5e2 (girl ~8, checked bibs, brief scene) rating 2

s6e5 (girl ~10, blue dress, brief scenes) rating 2

s5e6 (girl ~10, black bibs) rating 3

s7e2 (girl ? 11, blue bibs) rating 3 brief scenes

s4e4 (girl in red bibs) very brief scene, no post

s1e2 (boy ~11, blue bibs) rating 6



One Response to “L’instit (1993)”

  1. db1 December 14, 2016 at 2:35 am #

    In L’instit S01E02 you missed a boy in blue overalls in the middle of the episode. He wears a red shirt and blue overalls during a classroom scene. Also wears overalls in outside scenes.

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