The Waltons – s4e7

23 Oct

waltons-s4e7 waltons-s4e7b

Today I noticed some supporting actors (boys+girls) in s4e7 I’ve never noticed before. I think I only have seen this complete season once at slow speed and completely.

I think an older boy about 11 or 12, 1st pic on the right next to Jim-Bob. Maybe it’s the same boy as in pic 2 (middle) but the bibs appear darker there. Also a young boy in white bibs (upper left) and a teen girl with long hair down on the right. It’s not Mary-Ellen as she is wearing a dress in that scene. There’s also a young boy about 6 yo in blue bibs and a straw hat sitting in the first row (not to see here).

Scenes at 2h18 and 2h15 at this aviation show on CD2. Also men in bibs

Some other good scenes including Mary-Ellen in dark blue bibs (1h49) and Ben in quite good bibs sitting, milking a goat (2h06). No more scenes of interest in this episode (but CD).

Originally I considered something different for today. Coming next and also the list of Mary-Ellen including some new pics.

Season rating 10, this episode rating about 6.



2 Responses to “The Waltons – s4e7”

  1. Kate October 23, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    Can you tell me which episodes have shirtless in bibs?

    • Admin October 24, 2013 at 7:41 am #

      I don’t remember all episodes and by now I can only report what my notes and caps say.

      s1e12 (non Walton)
      s2e5 (Ben)
      s2e14 swimming (bibs?)
      s2e21 undressing (shirtless ?)
      s3e1 (Ben, Jim-Bob, others?)
      s3e7 Ben
      s3e9 Jim-Bob !
      season 3 Ben CD2: 2h27, CD3: 1h03
      season 3: Elizabeth in hickory striped bibs CD 2: 58 min.
      s4e17 Ben
      s5 CD2: 2h15 (young man)
      s6e21 swimming, undressing (bibs ?)
      s7e19 (20 in Germany) bib down, dressing (shirtless ?)

      Probably many scenes of young Jim-Bob in s1 and maybe later. Season 9 I still don’t own.
      For the girls I will check that and announce asap.

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