List 25: The Waltons – Mary-Ellen Walton

24 Oct


This is a list of  scenes with Mary-Ellen (played by Judy Norton) in bibs (work in progress). For more infos see the main entry, the entry of each season and most of the story entries tagged as such or search for Waltons.

As announced, I have started rechecking season 4. The other seasons are previously written notes of (some) of my favourite scenes. Season 1 is my favorite one concerning Mary-Ellen and I like that kind of stone washed pair of overalls. She mainly wears bibs in the earlier seasons/episodes and later rarely, mostly while working in the kitchen or garden. Pics above showing s1e14 and s3e12.

Season 1:

s1e1 – at 14 minutes, group pic below in her typical bibs in that season. Overlapping straps. 13 yo in s1.


s1e1 50 minutes (pic on very top), note that her bibs appear a different shade of blue in that light

s1e5 – 27 minutes, close up bottom scene. (My favorite headstand scene?, see that story 38 entry), sitting on ground (unknown position)

s1e6 – 6 minutes

s1e7 – 1h46. Elizabeth’s hands around her hip

s1e14 – 50 minutes. Lying on bed 1h30

s1e18 – 1h16 sitting.

s1e19 Mary Ellen making butter, barefoot (see story entry), 2h05. 2 butter scenes, this time outside

s1e20 (see main entry). More scenes maybe at the season 1 entry and story entries.

At laundry line (unknown ep)

Season 2:

pic showing ep. 13. She is 14 yo


CD1: s2e1: 2 min, 13 min, 1h58, 2h26 (sitting, s2e14), sh51 ! bottom

CD2: e5: 2 min, 39 min, 1h37 (ep. 7 bottom), 1h43 (front dark blue), 2h00 bottom, 2h 17, 2h41, 2h59

CD3: 6 min (1st time light blue, ep9), 14 min (bottom), 52 min (light blue), 3h07 dark blue sitting

CD4: 36 min light blue sitting, 50 minutes (pictured), 1h53, 2h01, 2h27 light blue sitting standing up, 3h08 with Jimmy

CD5: ~5 minutes light blue, front, 18 minutes sitting, 1h38 rear

CD6: 43 light blue.

CD7: 1h18 sitting light blue bibs

Season 3:

CD1: ep. 2 light blue bibs (?). 2h40 (light blue)

CD2: 7 min.(light blue, sitting, headshot), 1h22 (light blue, full body shown)

CD3: 3 min. light blue full body, beginning to undress, 1h55 sitting, rear view , s3e10

CD4: 22 min, light blue as 2nd pic on top (ep 12), 1h41 light blue, full view,

CD5: 53 min. light blue, 1h59 light blue bibs, full view, pigtails, 2h18 ligh blue rear view

Season 4:

(pic showing ep.4), also see separate entry s4e7


CD1: ep.1 18 min, 35, 1h15 ! (gardening and splashing with a hose), 1h30, 1h43, 1h49 (playing Baseball, rear), 1h52 rear, 2h30 (ep. 4, serving meal, hair grip), 2h42 standing, bottom, I think pictured. All dark blue bibs

CD2: ep. 5, 12 min (often rear view), 57 min, 1h13, 1h32, 1h 49 (ep. 7), 2h39 open hair, walking. (Also muddy bibs of Erin and previously pink/peach bibs) , 3h01 sitting, 3h06 (+Erin black).

CD3: 50 minutes light blue bibs, 2h25 dark blue bibs, sitting on floor (ep. 12), 2h37 serving

CD4: 4 minutes (ep. 13) standing on table dark blue bibs, 6 min. riding in dark blue bibs together with John-Boy, 11 min walk and sit, being embraced. 23 (see Jim-Bob’s list), 28 min walk front+back (many good scenes, good plot. Nurse), 38 sit, 44 sit, 58 (ep 14). 1h15, 1h58 (ep15), 2h embracing Erin, both in bibs, 2h27 (ep16) standing, 3h03

CD5: 6 min (?, ep17), 12 Mary+family sitting on floor, 29 pigtails (pic below, ep17 + here), 2h40 front appearing dark blue, 2h54.


CD6: 30 + 49 min (with brothers), 52 sit, 55, 1h01 (ep21) pulling up pant legs, 1h15, 1h36, 2h09

CD7: 24 min front+rear, 30 sit.

Season 5:


Very few scenes with her in bibs All scenes are listed

CD1: ep.2 light blue bibs, beginning and middle of episode. 1h00 (as pictured)

CD7: ep 22 (?) maybe a mistake and it must be just ep 2

Seasons 6-8: No scenes or none of interest yet (will be updated later)

Season 9: no scenes

Main entry:




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